12 Beach Front Activities

On The 12th Day Of Christmas The Favorite Sun Gave To Me…12 Beach Front Activities.

Here we are, the 12th day of Christmas. With this entry I called in an expert on 12 beach front activities, my 10 year old daughter Anna. Anna is all about the beach! When she hits the beach, she hits it hard. Who needs sun bathing? Not her. She is looking for fun. Here are of her recommendations for 12 beach front activities.

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12 Beach Front Activities

  1. Football – Everyone loves a game of football. You might have enough people to get a game of tag football together. If not, just play a game of catch. In or out of the water, you are sure to have fun.
  2. The Waterfall effect is a really neat idea. Note that you don't actually use water for this effect...check out the waterfalls on the front of this castle,

    Building a sand castle, one of 12 beach front activities

    Sandcastles – Bring your buckets, and shovels and create! Tunnels, bridges, decorated with sea shells, the sky’s the limit. Dig deep for your inner architect and enjoy. How to build the perfect sand castle.

  3. Tic Tac Toe – Draw a giant tic tac toe board in the sand. The bigger the better! Play rock, paper, scissors to see who gets x’s and who gets o’s.
  4. Checkers – Draw a checker board in the sand. You’ll need 64 squares total. Then have the kids find their pieces, 12 each. Shells and rocks are probably the easiest to find on the beach. If you are on the beaches at Sanibel Island you will have no problem finding shells. They are everywhere!
  5. Frisbee – A game of Frisbee is always a good time. If you are looking to turn up your game, try Frisbee football. The goal posts are two big piles of sand, separated by about 5 feet, with sticks or shovels stuck in the top, on each end of the “field”. Break up into teams and go! 1 point per touch down. The first team that reaches 10 wins King of the Beach.
  6. Surf’s up! – Boogie boarding, body surfing, or rafts. Anything that you can use to ride the waves. This is one of Anna’s favorite things to do at the beach. As a kid, this was one of my favorite things too. To this day it is not uncommon to see me riding the waves with Anna on a hot summer day.
  7. Tag – Tag you’re it! Here’s a twist on the traditional tag game, played in the water. It’s called Sharks and minnows. One person starts out as the shark and tries to catch the minnows. Any minnow that the shark catches turns into a shark. Last minnow standing is the winner. 
  8. Shelling – People travel to Sanibel Island and Captiva Island from all over the world just for the sea shelling. Turn your sea shelling into a scavenger hunt by picking up a shell guide on your way to the beach.
  9. 12 beach front avtivities

    Flying kites, One of 12 Beach Front Activities

    Fly a Kite – Flying a kite is the perfect beach activity. All you need is a kite and an ocean breeze.

  10. Walking – Go for a walk. Walking is fun, great exercise and a good way to explore the beach.
  11. 12 beach front activities

    End your day by roasting marshmallows over an open fire

    Bonfire – Have a bonfire. Cook hot dogs on sticks and roast some marshmallows. Make sure you check with the town first to see if bonfires are permitted on the beach you are going to. There also may be a special permit you need.

  12. Sunset –  Stay to see the sunset. Watching the sunset on the beach is the perfect way to end a day at the beach.

Check out our Pinterest page for even more beach front activities.

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