3 Perfect Places To Watch The Fort Myers Sunset

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3 Perfect Places To Watch The Sunset

One of the most beautiful sites in Fort Myers is when the sun disappears into the Gulf Coast of Mexico. Anywhere you go to see the Fort Myers sunset will be amazing, but there are some spots that are better then others. Here are The Favorite Sun’s top picks for 3 perfect places to watch the sunset.

Fort Myers Beach Pier is a great place to watch the sunset. If you are lucky you will be able to get a parking spot in the lot right next to the pier. I suggest driving around the lot a few times. There are always people leaving. Go all the way to the end of the pier and enjoy. It really is a beautiful site. After the sunset take a walk around. The boardwalk always has something going on. The last time I was there, Matt an I, listened to some live music while enjoying an ice cream cone from Kilwin’s Chocolate.

Lovers Key State Park is next on the list. This is the place where the locals like to go, so there won’t be many crowds here. There is a small fee to enter the Park, but it’s worth it! If you go a little early you are sure to see some wildlife. Some of the wildlife that resides in the park are manatee, dolphins, eagles and crabs.

Sunset Cruises is one of my favorite ways to enjoy the sunset. There are so many to choose from in the area.  Good Time Charters got really good reviews on Trip Advisor for their sunset cruises and all the other excursions they have to offer.

No matter where you go to see the sunset in the Fort Myers area it will be amazing. Pack a sunset picnic and don’t forget your camera.

Fort Myers Sunset is all about the ambiance

Watching the sunset on Fort Myers beach is just a perfect picturesque setting!  It’s something you surely do not want to miss!

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