3 Tips for First-Time UK Travellers in Florida

There is a reason that the state of Florida in the USA is a popular tourist destination for people from all over the world. Excellent weather, amusement parks, beaches, wildlife and other attractions are all available and plentiful. However, for those anticipating a Florida visit from the United Kingdom, there are some things you may wish to keep in mind as you plan your trip.

Get Ready for the Weather

Florida is considered a subtropical environment. This generally means mild winters with hot and damp weather the rest of the year. During winter, the northern portion of the state, including Daytona Beach and Tallahassee, can be cooler than the southern areas such as Miami and Key West. Cold temperatures in winter are rare, so go light on packing heavy clothing. Plan instead for the beach and the heat, but be prepared for humid air and frequent rain. Also, if travelling during Florida’s hurricane season, you may wish to purchase trip protection.

Pack What You Can’t Get in the States

UK residents know just how annoying it can be to get US items in the UK. According to Ship7, from complex regulations to high international shipping costs, it can be a real challenge to get items from the US to the UK, and the reverse is just as true. While you can buy pretty much everything you need in Florida, if there are specific UK items that you just must have, make sure to pack them ahead of time and bring them with you.

Taxes and Driving

Remember that the state of Florida charges a sales tax of about 6% on most purchased goods. However, unlike in the UK, this tax is not reflected in the listed price of the item on the shelf. It will instead be tallied when you check out, so expect a higher total than the listed shelf prices may indicate. Also, when driving in the United States, remember that you will be on the right side of the road, not the left. According to Florida Assistance, a valid UK driving license will allow you to legally drive a vehicle in Florida during your stay. If you plan to rent a vehicle, however, contact rental agencies beforehand to verify they accept a foreign license. 

Warm, sunny, subtropical Florida can be a great spot for a holiday. As long as you pack the essentials, you should be able to get anything else you need during your visit. Just keep in mind the differences and challenges you may face in a unique region of a different nation. If you put a little thought into your arrangements, you’ll have a wonderful trip.

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