3 Tips for Planning a Safe Vacation

Going on vacation allows you to de-stress and explore. Before you depart, taking some time in advance to prepare can help ensure a safe and fun trip. Use these three tips for a satisfying escape by car or air to your preferred destination.

Travel by Air

At the airport, keep your eyes on your luggage at all times. Make your luggage easy to identify in case it is lost or stolen. Check your airline and the TSA guidelines in advance so that you do not bring any prohibited items with you. Find out the size and weight limits for carry-on and checked luggage in order to avoid fees. Do some research on your destination, such as unsafe areas or common scams that locals run on tourists. Give a copy of your itinerary to a friend at home. Make a plan to check in with them. Alert your phone and credit card providers of your travel plans. Avoid going off on your own, and stay with a trusted friend who speaks the local language.

Travel by Car

A week or two before your trip, inspect your car or schedule a visit to the mechanic. Check your tire pressure, fluid levels, and tread wear. If your brakes have been squeaking, have them looked at by an expert. Late spring to early autumn is the safest time for traveling by car. Make sure to consider the traffic levels while you plan your trip, as traffic can get heavier in the summer. Be sure to update your navigation software in order to find alternate routes during heavy traffic. Also, check the state department of transportation’s website for planned and current road construction projects. Keep a fully-stocked emergency kit with first aid supplies, flares, bottled water, and a blanket.

Plan Your Route

If you plan to drive, spend some time planning your route. You might want to research events that might cause traffic backups in cities or plan your route to circumvent large, populated areas. Consider visiting less-popular destinations or taking the scenic route instead of the major thoroughfares. Driving on some of the nation’s scenic byways allows you to visit family-owned eateries and check out the beautiful scenery and unusual places while avoiding the crowds and congestion.

Planning in advance removes some of the stress of going to a new place. It’s also important to visit your doctor and get any medication refills or vaccinations recommended for your destination. The time you spend planning the trip is a worthy investment in your personal safety.


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