$40.00 A Day, Fort Myers Beach Edition

$40.00 A Day, Fort Myers Beach Edition

Years ago, Rachel Ray use to host a show called $40.00 a Day. She visited different cities throughout the country. She showed her viewers how to eat, site see and maybe do an activity for only $40.00.  I though this was the greatest show. I was a huge fan of the show and loved the little tips she threw in about the area she was featuring. This blog is dedicated to Rachel Ray’s $40.00 a day, Fort Myers Beach Edition.

40.00 a day, fort myers beach edition

Heavenly Biscuit

Let’s start our day at the Heavenly Biscuit. Take the trolley from Summerlin Square to the Heavenly Biscuit. It will cost you $3.00 round trip. Bring your beach bag, you are hanging out for a while. This way you will not have to pay for beach parking. Get here early, it always has a line, but it’s worth the wait! It is also very small inside but there are tables out side. You could even take it to go and have a picnic breakfast on the beach. Everything here is homemade. The biscuits are out of this world. Try a bacon, egg and cheese biscuit, and a cup of coffee. The total will be $4.75, $3.35 for the sandwich and $1.50 fr the coffee. On a side note…When we are not doing $40.00 a day, Fort Myers Beach Edition, have cinnamon roll or a pecan roll or have both  with your biscuit. In the words of Rachel Ray, “Yummo!”

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40.00 a day, fort myers beach edition

Spend the day at the beach.

After breakfast head down to the beach. Hopefully you packed a good book. The view from the beach is priceless. People come from all over the world to the beaches in this area.Take a long walk and collect seashells. You will be amazed at the amount of sea shells you will find at the beaches in the Fort Myers area. I am from New England, and have been to a lot of beaches in Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts. I have never seen the amount of shells that I see when visiting the beaches in the Fort Myers area. It’s truly amazing.

40.00 a day, fort myers beach edition

The Beached Whale

Guess what time it is? It’s lunch time! Head on over to the Beached Whale. Get a seat on the deck and enjoy an ocean view. Order the Cuban Whale. It’s a traditional Cuban sandwich that has rave reviews.  For $9.95 you get a big, delicious sandwich and a choice of beans and rice, buttered parsley potatoes, house fries or cole slaw. Total for lunch $11.95, $9.95 and $2.00 for a tip.

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Head over to the pier after lunch and do some window shopping. Fort Myers Beach has some great shops to browse in. Make your way to the pier. There is always something going on. Last time I was there I listened to a very talented teenager who was autistic play the violin on the corner. You probably will be able to catch a street performer or two doing a show.

40.00 a day, Fort Myers Beach Edition

Fort Myers Beach Art Association

Stop in at the Fort Myers Beach Art Association. They are opened daily. This is a working art gallery. Artists come here to teach, create and share their art work. Check out the video below of the FMB Art Associations last art exhibit, Just Beachy.


40.00 a day, fort myers beach edition

The Famous Blowfish Bar

The Famous Blowfish Bar not only has a great happy hour, but also the best view on the pier to watch the sunset.The sunset is beautiful, so don’t miss it.  Head over for happy hour from 3:00 – 6:00 and claim your spot for the sunset. Plan your the time you go depending on when the sunset is. Grab an ice cold beer, the drafts are only $2.00 during happy hour. If you are getting hungry, get some dinner too. Grab a classic burger to go with your beer. I hear they make the best ones on the pier. The classic burger costs $10.99. That means your entire dinner is only $12.99 throw in a $3.00 tip and you still have money for an ice cream cone.

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40.00 a day, Fort Myers ediition

Dairy Queen

In Massachusetts there are not a lot of Dairy Queens around., The closest one to me is in Fitchburg in a really bad area. If for some reason I am driving by I will go through the drive through and grab a cone. But in the Fort Myers area there are tons of Dairy Queens. There is one right around the corner from the Blowfish Bar. Stop for a small cone dipped in chocolate. It’s only $2.64.

There you have it, $40.00 a day, Fort Myers Edition. At the end of the $40.00 a day, Fort Myers Edition you end up with $1.67. Buy yourself a cup of coffee on your way home. Enjoy!

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