5 Things to Put in Your Beach Cooler

Most of our guests at the Favorite Sun enjoy going to the beach, so we like to provide lots of great info about what to take to the beach, when to go to the beach, what beaches to go to in SWFL and Fort Myers.  This list of 5 things to put in your beach cooler is meant to help anyone going to the beach, no matter what beach they are going to, to plan their beach cooler packing better.  Just print off this article, grab your items, pack your beach cooler, and head to the beach!  Huzzah!  🙂

  1. Water – This can often be an overlooked item, primarily because your headed to the beach where it is assumed there is plenty of water.  But that water is not water you want to drink.  So, we recommend packing 1 bottle of water per person, per hour, that you plan to spend at the beach.  The sun is hot, the sand is hot, the beach bodies are hot 🙂 – so be sure you have enough water to stay hydrated.  You don’t want to get dehydrated at the beach.  If you are bringing your pet, be sure to include 1 bottle per pet per hour as well.  If you have the proper cooler, then the weight of all the water won’t be an issue.  If you don’t have a proper cooler, then you should consider making more than one trip from the car to your beach spot….don’t make the mistake of not bringing the water to the beach…as people may not want to go back and get it later on after swimming, they might be tired.  This mistake can result in dehydration for more than one person in your group.  The whole idea is to put the items in your cooler, that’s why we called this 5 things to put in your beach cooler.  Not 5 things to leave in the car!  🙂
  2. Ice (Blocks) – A bag of ice from the local supermarket is great in a pinch, or if you forgot to plan, however the best way to keep all things cool in the beach cooler is to use pre made ice packs, or ice blocks that you make.  Turn some of your water bottles into ice blocks by draining 50% of the water in the bottle and freezing it the night before.  When you pull it out of the freezer, fill about 30% of the bottle with water.  Leave some breathing room, trust me.  As the ice melts, you will need that extra space.
  3. things to put in your beach cooler

    Add fruits and veggies to your beach cooler! You won’t regret it!

    Fruit – Bring some fresh fruit.  If you need to, just buy it at the local supermarket, already cut up, so it’s easy to eat.  You’ll pay just a bit more that way, but it’s no mess, and you don’t have to clean up from prepping it for the beach.  Try to pick fruits that feel refreshing to you and have a good water content.  Watermelon is always a great choice.  Here are some additional picnic ideas on our pinterest board.

  4. Sandwiches – Stay away from things with mayo in them, just in case you run out of ice.  Cold cuts work well here, and always try to put some cheese on the sandwich…that will help from a protein standpoint.  That should keep the energy up for folks.
  5. Veggies – depending on who’s in your party, and what they like, you should consider packing some veggies and similar things to put in your beach cooler.  I happen to like Celery, Cucumbers, red peppers and green peppers.  I really like the peppers with some cheese.  I am not a big fan of many other veggies, however, I do know that others enjoy their Broccoli, carrots, and other similar items.
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BONUS!  2 Bonus things to put in your beach cooler

Take these 2 items to the beach as well!  Thanks for reading this far!  Because you did…you get our bonus items!!!  🙂

  1. Sunscreen – and a lot of it.  We have mentioned this before in other blog posts, but you don’t want a sunburn, so be sure to the appropriate level of sunscreen, but more over, make sure you have enough for the entire family.  A standard sized tube might be enough for 1 or 2 of you, but if there are 5 or 6, that could run out very quickly.
  2. Sunglasses – you’re there for the sun….but let’s be real, no one likes staring into the sun.  Even a cheapo pair of sunglasses will help you avoid that eye pain from the sun.  There are many other things to put in your beach cooler, but you get the idea.  We can’t cover everything in this blog today.

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