6 Great Ice Cream Stands In The Fort Myers Area

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6 Great Ice Cream Stands In The Fort Myers Area

I’m from New England and going out for an ice cream cone in December just doesn’t happen. But in the Fort Myers area, there is no denying, that everyday is a good day for ice cream. We looked to our friends at Yelp, to tell us their favorite, 6 ice cream stands in the Fort Myers area.

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6 Great Ice Cream Stands in the Fort Myers Area

Love Boat Ice Cream

Love Boat Ice Cream has been dishing out scoops since the 60’s.  Their ice cream is homemade and make over 50 flavors, that is no easy feat! The Yelpers say that the portions are huge and the ice cream is delicious. If you need a chocolate fix, try the brownie batter ice cream. The folks at Love Boat Ice Cream will even give your dog a small scoop of vanilla, on the house. Check out their website, and make sure you sign up for coupons and special offers. They also have two locations, one in Fort Myers and one on Sanibel Island.

Life is cool at Pinocchio’s. This place is a favorite among the Yelper crowd. Pinocchio’s offers a large variety of homemade ice creams. The ice cream is delicious and the flavors are so creative. Some of their signature flavors are, Sanibel Krunch©, The Dirty Sand Dollar© and Gator Stew©. A fun fact about this place, is that everyone of their ice creams has an animal cracker on top, that’s how you know it’s from Pinocchio’s.

If you are staying at The Favorite Sun and want to go on a banana cruise, (something that my father use to call a short car trip) check out the Handel’s Homemade Ice Cream and Yogurt. Depending on where you are starting from, it’s 20 – 30 minutes from Fort Myers. As you can see from the name, they make their own ice cream, so you know it’s going to be good. Here’s what one Yelper had to say “Huge portions, great prices.  Fantastic flavors!  $3-4 for a huge cone of ice cream.  Worth a visit!” Order the 4 scoop sampler if you can’t pick just one flavor.

Next on the list is Twistee Treat. This ice cream stand is located inside a a giant soft serve ice cream cone. Just that alone makes me want to go there. The ice cream is great here and the portions are large. They also offer a large variety of toppings and flavors. If you are looking for something other then a cone, try the chocolate malt. I hear they make the best in South West Florida.

2 Scoops and Sprinkles is a bit tricky to find but worth the search. Look for it in a strip mall with a sign that says ice cream. People love the fun decor of this ice cream stand and the friendly scoopers. They have a ton of unique flavors as well as your traditional favorites. They even have board games to play with your family and friends while enjoying an ice cream. Sounds like a great place to me.

Kilwin’s is next on our list of 6 ice cream stands in the Fort Myers Area. Matt an I were here just last week. It is a really great place located right next to the Fort Myers Pier. After we watched the sunset, which was amazing, we stopped into Kilwin’s. The scooper was super friendly, say that 10 times fast, and the ice cream delicious. It was hard to decide what flavor to pick, but after  a few samples we narrowed it down. I had  pistachio ice cream in a waffle cone and Matt had the rocky road, both were great. We sat outside a some tables they had available to their customers and enjoyed our cones, live music and people watching. It was a great way to end a great night.

We hope you enjoyed this list of 6 Great Ice Cream Stands In The Fort Myers Area. If there is one that we missed please let us know.

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