7 Reasons Why jetBlue is a great Airline to Fly into RSW – Fort Myers Airport

Look, it’s no secret that jetBlue loves Fort Myers.  They have made their mark on the area.  In this blog I am going to share with you 7 reasons why jetBlue is a great airline to fly into Fort Myers Airport – also known as RSW Airport.  Jetblue Fort Myers is all about the Jetblue experience

  1. Direct Flights to RSW a ton of cities in New England.  Those cities include:
    • Boston Mass
    • Hartford Connecticut
    • New York – Westchester
    • New York City – Laguardia
    • New York City – JFK
    • Newark New Jersey
    • Washington DC – Washington National Reagan
  2. WIFI available on just about every flight – Some of the smaller jetBlue planes don’t have wifi, however those planes are rare.
  3. Redsox! Simply put, jetBlue is a big fan of the Boston Red Sox.  They are sponsors for the team at Fenway Park in Boston.  They sponsor jetBlue park in Fort Myers, the home of the Red Sox for spring training in Feb and March of every year, and they even have created a full Red Sox jetBlue experience with a Red Sox themed Plan.  If you know anything about the Red Sox then you know all about the famed red seat at Fenway Park.  For jetblue to consider this feature in their Red Sox themed plane….was genius.  Not everyone would have thought about this.  For those of you that don’t know, you can read about the famed red seat at fenway park here, but in a nutshell, that is where the longest home run was ever hit, by Ted Williams.

    jetblue fort myers - jetblue red sox plan

    jetBlue Themed Red Sox plane including the token Red Seat!

  4. Customer Service – The jetBlue customer experience is like no other.  They enjoy having fun while still taking their job seriously.  They have to do both!  I have never met an unhappy jetBlue employee.  As you make your way about the gate, the aircraft, the flight, the arrival, and even the baggage area, you will surely encounter some of the fantastic jetBlue employees.  Give them a wave, or better yet…a high five!  They do their job well, and always with a smile!  Don’t forget to tweet jetBlue either.  The folks that run their twitter account seem to have a great sense of humor and really do enjoy engaging with their customers!
    [Tweet “hey @jetblue…this blog says you’re friendly, is that true?”]
  5. Purple chips – While snacks are being cut out of many airlines, jetBlue has made it a point to be sure you get snacks….like cookies….and purple chips.  Try them….they are good!
  6. Easy Booking – Have you tried booking with their smart phone app?  It’s super simple.  I use the app all the time, and I have booked trips using it before.  It’s bare bones, and I love that about the app, it’s easy to use, straight forward, and I can pick if I want to book a flight with points or not.  It works for me…and it helps me get to Fort Myers a lot quicker than driving…like my friend Frank does from Canada.  C’mon Frank…it’s not that bad.  Is there a mapping app for Frank to drive from Canada to Fort Myers??  Hehehe!  Love ya buddy!
  7. It’s just downright convenient – jetBlue has somehow figured out the convenience factor for flying their airline.  It’s painless, and it’s worth every penny, especially when they put flights on sale!
Summary of jetBlue Fort Myers

It’s inevitable that you need to get to Fort Myers somehow, and jetBlue Fort Myers’ ideal airline.  They do all the right things.  They provide great service, with great equipment, backed up by great people!

Show the love to jetBlue and see if they will tweet you back.  Here are a few tweet that you can send them…just click the Click To Tweet icon:

[Tweet “Looking forward to flying @jetblue to #RSW for vacation!”]

[Tweet “Hey @jetblue…what’s up? Anything new in Fort Myers?”]

[Tweet “So tell me @jetblue, do you love Fort Myers as much as I do?”]

[Tweet “@jetblue, will you marry me?”]

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