About Us – Owners of The Favorite Sun – Fort Myers Vacation Rental

We enjoy collecting art from our friend Erik Wahl

Hi….Welcome to our home on the internet!  We, Lisa and Matt, are the owners of The Favorite Sun – Fort Myers Vacation Rental.  We had always wanted a vacation home in sunny Florida, and in the Spring of 2015 we took the leap and bought a “house” that we have since renovated and turned into a vacation “home”.

When we aren’t working, we like the outdoors and we like a challenge.  We enjoy chasing art from our friend Erik Wahl around the country.  We are pretty good at finding the art.  If you ever stay at The Favorite Sun, we recommend reading Erik’s book UnThink.  It’s on the bookshelf for all to share!  The photo above is a photo of Lisa and I, showing all of Erik’s art that we have found in online scavenger hunts.  It’s a lot of fun.  But don’t try it…we really don’t want any additional competition.

In July of 2015 we closed on the property.  The house was a foreclosure and had been empty for 3 years.  We had to jump through quite a few hoops to get to closing, and we had to be patient, but we did it.  We renovated the property and had it ready for rent within 60 days.

Below are some of the before pictures.  We sure do hope that you like what you see and will consider staying at our home if you ever make it to the Fort Myers / Sanibel Island area.  We’d love to have you if we have room!