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Picture yourself on the beach, your sitting in your favorite lounge chair with your toes in the water, relaxing and reading one of your favorite beach books. Doesn’t that sound wonderful?

Let’s face it, there is nothing better then relaxing on the beach with one of your favorite beach books. There are plenty of different genres of books to choose from. Romance, comedy, mystery or a good thriller are always good choices for a beach read. Here are the top five beach books from 2017.


 Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl is the perfect thriller. With a mixture of murder, deceit, and adultery, it’s no wonder why this made the list of top five beach books.

Here’s an amazon review from Pamela, Brilliant! This is a crime thriller written with panache. Take a highly intelligent sociopath who leaves a tangled web of clues, with no stone unturned for both the police and this disturbed person’s prime victim, and you have a ‘can’t put down’ story. It’s creepy and frustrating all at the same time, but very entertainingly readable all the way through – and I’m not normally into thrillers! The inadequacy of police being able to convict someone, media influence and a relationship of deception right from the start, all go into creating a hotpotch of injustice which extends to more people than just one as the story unfolds – people that this very sick person has been personally involved with throughout their life. Which is what made the book so frustrating for me, but engrossing, as well.


Former, The Office writer, B.J. Novak brings a collection of short stories to you in the book,  One More Thing: Stories and Other Stories.  Make sure you have plenty of time at the beach for this one, you will not want to put it down.

Here’s an amazon review from Julie, Just do yourself a favor and read this book!! It has quickly become one of my favorites, the stories are well written and original, with a few little connections between stories that were perfectly placed


 Have you ever felt like someone was reading your office emails? In this book, it’s the internet security officer!  Rainbow Rowell’s Attachments shows that you should stick to business only in the work place.

Here an amazon review from Jennifer, Rainbow Rowell has become synonymous with subtle yet powerful stories that really make readers believe in love, no matter how unconventional it may appear at first. Attachments is her debut novel and is an adult contemporary romance that is set in that intriguing time of the end of the twentieth century and the beginning of the twenty-first century.


Chelsea Handler’s book, Uganda Be Kidding Me, is a comedic masterpiece. If you ever had read any of Chelsea Handler’s books you would know that there is a laugh on every page. This book is filled with Chelsea’s  crazy adventures from traveling around the world.

Here is an amazon review from Morgan, Probably one of the most humorous books I have ever read! Better than TV! Chelsea knows how to make you laugh with her witty stories and common bad luck !


The Fault in Our Stars author John Green calls We Were Liars by E. Lockhart “thrilling, beautiful, and blisteringly smart.” This is a must read on the list of beach books.  

Here’s an amazon review from Marie, This book isn’t about action or sharp twists and turns, but I was glued to the page. The author has a subtle hand with the contemporary story woven into this tension-filled plot. I guess that’s the word––tension. It’s there from the first page on and build to a surprising end. Gorgeous, spare writing, a compelling concept. I’m not going to say one word about what this book is about, but it is engrossing and impossible to put down.


Everyone knows that summer is the best time to dive into any kind of beach books….everybody but Floridians. In Florida everyday is a great day to enjoy a beach book. So, grab a chair, sun glasses, sunscreen and a good book and ENJOY.  Let us know what your favorite beach books are. We would love to know.

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