Breakfast Places In Fort Myers

Breakfast Places In Fort Myers

We all know that breakfast is the most important part of the day. Why settle for a bowl of soggy cereal at home when you can go out and have a feast? And let’s face it, breakfast always tastes better when someone else is cooking it for you. Here are some of the breakfast places in Fort Myers that my family an I enjoy.

Heavenly Biscuit – All I can say is stop what you are doing, right now and go to this place. It is amazing! Located in a little house on Mango St. right off of Estero Dr. Get there early if you are in Fort Myers during the busy season because there will be a line out the door and around the corner. When you order there is always two big trays full of cinnamon rolls and pecan rolls, you should get one to eat while you are waiting for breakfast. They will heat up the roll and pour a large amount of yummy glaze on top. The place is called Heavenly Biscuit so naturally you need to try the biscuits.

Breakfast Places in Fort Myers

Heavenly Biscuit

My go to, after the cinnamon roll, that I share, is the breakfast sandwich special or the biscuits and gravy. Both are excellent and the biscuits are heavenly, sorry I couldn’t resist, but they really are. This place is definitely one of the best breakfast places in Fort Myers.

Tuckaway Cafe – First of all this place has the best coffee in the area. In the mood for a cappuccino, they have it. Would you like a frozen latte,  they have that too. How about an americano with a flavor shot, yep, they got that too, as well as just a regular old cup of joe. Now let’s talk about the food. Tuckaway Cafe serves bagel sandwiches.

Breakfast Places in Fort Myers

Tuckaway Cafe

These are not your ordinary bagel sandwiches, they are steamed. In case you didn’t know, steam bagel sandwiches are 100 times better then regular bagel sandwiches. I usually get Tasha’s Secret, which is turkey, avocado, bacon, cream cheese and provolone, it’s very good. The specialty is the authentic wafels. They use a 400 year old European Liege Wafel recipe. Top these with nutella, bananas and whipped cream and you are in for a treat. Don’t worry about calories, you are on vacation, nothing is fattening on vacation. Here is a link to their website to have a look for yourself.

The Island Cow – Technically this is not in Fort Myers, it’s on Sanibel Island but, it really is one of the best places you can get breakfast in the area. When you have breakfast here it’s like your mom cooked it for you, but only if your mom is a really good cook. The island pancakes are great.

Breakfast Places in Fort Myers

The Island Cow

My favorite are the pigs in a pancake. If you are craving something savory try the farmer’s frittata.  Matt’s go to here is the breakfast sandwich. It comes with cow spuds and fresh fruit. They also serve lunch. I will tell you about that another time. Stop by for a big breakfast before you hit the beach. Click here for more information.

There are lots of great breakfast places in Fort Myers, these are a few of my families favorites. What are some of your favorite breakfast places in Fort Myers? We would love to know.

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