Bringing Your Dog On Vacation

It’s estimated that 70 – 80 million people in the United States are dog owners. That’s almost half of the entire population in the US. What do people do with their fur babies when vacationing? Some leave them home with a pet sitter, some send them to a kennel for the week, however a large number of the population are bringing their dog on vacation. We are seeing a growing trend that resorts, vacation home owners in Fort Myers, parks and even restaurants are becoming pet friendly. People consider their pets family so why not bring them along.  As you will see we believe that bringing your dog on vacation is a wise decision.

Tips for bringing your dog on vacation

  • Think about where you are going. Before you decide to bring your pooch on vacation, ask yourself this, Will I be leaving my dog alone most of the vacation? Most likely wherever you go, there will be a time when your dog will not be able to go with you. Just keep in mind how many times that will be.
    bringing your dog on vacation

    Dogs on vacation

    For example if you are going on a trip to the mountains to ski. If you are planning on skiing every day that you are there then your dog would probably be more comfortable with a pet sitter that he knows or at a family member’s house. If you are planning on a hiking trip, bring Fido along. Hiking is a great activity for you and your dog. is a great site to check out pet friendly destinations all over the world.

  • Taking your dog on an airplane. Before getting to the airport call your airline and ask what the rules are regarding pet travel. All airlines require health certificates and proof of vaccines. You don’t want any surprises when getting to the airport. If your dog isn’t flying with you in the main cabin of the plane, just say a quick good bye. Stay calm this in turn will assist Fido in staying calm as well.
  • Crating your dog for travel. Some people feel bad crating their dog. They think that because they wouldn’t want to be crated, why would they crate their dog. Dogs actually feel safer if they are crated, especially in an unfamiliar place. If you have to leave your dog at the hotel or home you are renting on vacation, make sure you put him in his crate. Before crating your pooch, take him for a long walk or play a game of catch with him. That will tire your dog out and they are sure to be ready for a quiet place for a nap.
  • Dog friendly vs dogs allowed. Before going getting to your tourist destination call ahead. Some places are ok with Fido coming along, but only if they stay in the parking lot.
    Beach day with fido

    Beach day with Fido

    Others will welcome your pet with open arms. Remember Google is your friend. I found this by googling Things to do with your pet in Fort Myers,

  • What to bring? One of the most important thing to bring is your dog’s identification. Make sure they have a well fitting collar with their ID tag well secured. Another thing is to bring something from home for them. Their favorite toy or a blanket they like to sleep on. It will make them feel more comfortable in a strange place. Don’t forget their leash. Even if your dog does not use a leash at home, you will need one on vacation.

We hope that these tips add value and help you decide that bringing your dog on vacation is a good decision.  One that you likely will not regret!  Bottom line…research everything and plan ahead.

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