Capone’s Coal Fired Pizza

Capone’s Coal Fired Pizza

We just returned from The Favorite Sun. It was a great vacation. How could anyone get tired of beautiful sunny days? Not me! That’s for sure. While there we decided to try Capone’s Coal Fired Pizza. This was a restaurant that I had mentioned in the Restaurants in the Fort Myers River District  blog that I wrote and thought it sounded good. It’s about 25 minutes from The Favorite Sun. We went early, around 5:00, because we wanted to be able to catch the sunset on Fort Myers Beach on the way home. The outside seating was filled but the restaurant itself had plenty of seats. The decor of Capone’s Coal Fired Pizza was nice, a throw back to the 1920’s. The hostess and the bartender had on flapper dresses and the waitstaff were dressed as mobsters.

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Capone's Coal Fired Pizza

Could this be Al Capone’s real secret vault?

There was a section on the floor that was clear and reveled a possible second secret vault of Al Capone’s himself. You be the judge, he did have a residence in Miami Beach and made frequent trips to the Fort Myers area. I’m sure when Geraldo Rivera caught wind of this he wished he had opened this one on his television special instead of the one in Chicago.

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The ladies room even had a video playing about Al Capone. I’m not quite sure why it was in there, but it was an interesting video. The food was really good. We started off with the sliced sausage and peppers. It was delicious. The sauce, or gravy, as my family calls it, was great. I had a Capone’s House Salad before our pizza came too. It was nice and fresh. The pizza we chose was the Tommy Gun, (It’s Loaded!) is how they list it on the menu.

Capone's Coal Fired Pizza

Yum! Enough said.

Capone’s Coal Fire Pizza tag line is, pizza so good, it should be illegal, and it’s true. The pizza was out of this world. Just writing this blog is making me crave one of their pizzas. They do offer dessert, but we couldn’t fit another bite. Maybe next time. Capone’s Coal Fired Pizza should be on your list of restaurants to try in Fort Myers. I know we will be back at least once the next time we’re in town. Capone’s Coal Fired Pizza is Favorite Sun approved!

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