Danger Danger Cape Coral

When I say Danger Danger do you think of Will Robinson? You might if you were a Lost in Space Fan. But if you are a fan of really good food you would think of the fairly new restaurant in Cape Coral.  The people that own Nevermind and Nice Guys got together and opened this fun little eatery called Danger Danger, in Cape Coral. The name Danger Danger comes from a hair band that was formed in the ’80s. The restaurant is small, only 11 seats. Although you can eat there it is best to get take out. People rave about the Danger Danger buttermilk crunch fried chicken, unique pizzas and tacos.

Here’s what Yelper Marion had to say about Danger Danger,


They’ve done it again (because if you love Nice Guys and Nevermind then this place is a must go in the Cape)! Amazing food at an awesomely hip yet inviting place. The tacos were beyond incredible. The fried chicken was mind-blowing. And the array of innovative sauces just took everything up a notch. Add to all that the wonderful staff who work there and you’re in for a real dining treat. This place will easily become a regular spot for me and my husband. So many great things still to try on the menu — can’t wait to go back!

Yelper Brittany has good things to say too,


Skyler is a genius! We’ve been anticipating this opening for a long time, it was definitely worth the wait. We tried the tacos, pizza, and fried pickles… All of them were delicious. The pizza topped with ribs and pickles was a thing I never knew I needed. The flavors of everything were so layered and amazing. This will definitely be a new regular spot for our family. If I could give this place more stars, I would.

You can find Danger Danger at 1017 Cape Coral Parkway East. If you go, and you should tell us what you think, we would love to hear it. Before you go and enjoy some food at Danger Danger, enjoy a song from the band.

Warning…This video contains hair whipping 80 rockers 🙂

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