Discover Scuba

Matt an I have recently got our PADI Dive Open Water Certification. This means that we can dive anywhere up to 60 feet deep without an instructor. We didn’t just jump right into scuba diving, we started with a discover scuba course. Discover Scuba is a class you can take to learn the basics of scuba diving and then go on a dive with an instructor. The first Discover Scuba class we took was from a Groupon. It was being offered from a Boston diving shop. The class was held at the MIT pool. Not the most exciting place to scuba dive, but Matt an I have always wanted to try it. The instructor taught us the basics of scuba, how to get the water out of your mask, what happens if your regulator (this is the mouth piece) comes out of your mouth underwater and how to equalize your ears. This all took place in a pool that was about 4 feet deep. After we were able to get into the larger pool that was 15 feet at the deepest.

The next time was in Bermuda. We had to take the Discover Scuba class again. Then we had a chance to dive at our first coral reef. Unfortunately, the reef was depleting and it look like saw dust. There were some fish but not a lot. I later found out that if you dive were there is a lot of “traffic” it is common for the reef to start to diminish. Although there wasn’t  a lot to see, we still had a great time.

Discover Scuba

Our little friend the sea turtle.

Last summer is when we really fell in love with diving. We were staying at The Favorite Sun and decided to take a drive to the  Islamorada Dive Center to take another Discover Scuba class. Islamorada is in Key West, about 3 hours from The Favorite Sun. In the morning we were in the pool learning the basic skills. By this point Matt and I were pros at this. Then we went on two dives. The reefs were amazing. They were colorful, lots of beautiful fish swimming around. We saw a sting ray and a shark. It was a blast. I would highly recommend this diving center. The instructors were great. Matt an I had a really great experience here. We are actually going back there to dive in a couple of weeks.

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Discover Scuba

Adam, our scuba instructor from St.Thomas Diving Club

When we booked a vacation in St. Thomas we knew that diving was on the top of our to do list. We called the St. Thomas Diving Club . At this point we had already have taken the Discover Scuba class three times and decided to take the plunge and get certified. Adam was our instructor. He was great. A little fun fact about Adam is that he is a trivia master. We spent half a day in the pool learning a lot of skills. Then out to dive. The diving sites that we went to were breath taking. We explored coral reefs, a ship wreck, an area where sea turtles fed, and did a little treasure hunting. We got up close to a sea turtle, held a some kind of spider looking sea creature and saw a shark. In two days we did four dives and passed our certification. Both Matt an I loved the St. Thomas Diving Club. If you are ever in St. Thomas check them out.

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You’re probably thinking, it sounds good, but I could never do that. Yes you can! Just try it once. You’ll be fine. It’s so peaceful and everything moves at a nice slow pace. If you are staying at The Favorite Sun take a road trip to the Islamorada Dive Center. If you are in St, Thomas go to the St. Thomas Diving Club. Take a Discover Scuba class, it’s worth a try. Happy diving!

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