Exploring Fort Myers Beach

Exploring Fort Myers Beach

On occasion we have people that are familiar with the Fort Myers area write a blog to share their expertise. I was really excited when our guest blogger said that she would write a blog. One of the reasons that I was excited is that Debbi and her husband know a lot about the Fort Myers area. Another reason is that she originally told me about how great Fort Myers is.  I had the pleasure of working in Debbi’s classroom last year. One day I was telling her that Matt an I were looking for a place to buy a vacation rental home. Well, naturally she knew the perfect place. She told me all about the Fort Myers area. Debbi and her husband have been going there for years and know just about everything there is to know about the area, and the rest is history. OK, so back to the blog. This is just some of the things that her and her husband like to do on their vacation.

My husband and I love to travel and exploring Fort Myers Beach!  A few years back, we drove all the way down the gulf side of Florida, in search of a place we will someday retire to in the winter.  We fell in love with the Ft. Myers area!

When on the beach, we like to get up early, and go to Mango street to the  Heavenly Biscuit for the best fresh baked cinnamon rolls around!  You have to get there early, or you’ll miss them!  If you prefer coffee and a breakfast sandwich, the Tuckaway Cafe on Estero Blvd may be the place for you!  (We’ve heard they have the best coffee beans in all of the Ft. Myers area!)  

Exploring Fort Myers Beach

Exploring Fort Myers Beach

Heavenly Biscuit

After a long day on the beach, we have a couple of favorites places that we like to explore in the Fort Myers Area.  If you are looking for a nice cocktail, and great entertainment, head to Time Square!  If you’re not in walking distance, the trolley heads there regularly.  One of our favorite places is La Ola Surfside! They have a terrific happy hour, that changes daily with different entertainment as well.  We would head there for a snack, and end up with the whole place singing along with the music!  

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Exploring Fort Myers Beach

Fish Tacos at Hoosiers In Paradise

 If you want a good bite to eat, there’s a family run restaurant called Hoosiers in Paradise!  They have terrific fish tacos!  The atmosphere is down home, and very welcoming, and prices are terrific.

If you want to take a road trip, that’s not too far from Ft. Myers Beach, take a trip to route 75 North.  If you get off on the Daniels exit going right,  you will be at the Jet Blue Park.  Even if the Red Sox aren’t there, it’s a fabulous facility to visit.  The last time we were there, they had a great farmer’s market in the park! They also have a lot of great events. Click here to check them out.

When done visiting there, it’s wildlife time!  Head back to Rt. 75 North, now get off on the Palm Beach Blvd exit, taking a right off the ramp.  Travel down this road for about 1 mile, Manatee Park will be on you right.  Manatee Park is a non-captive warm water refuge for the Florida Manatee.

Exploring Fort Myers Beach

Manatee Park

Optimum viewing months  are late  December, January and February when the gulf temperature is below 68F. Manatees are generally not present during the warm summer months.  There is a very minimal fee to park, and options to rent a kayak.  This year in February, we were there viewing over 150 manatees! 

Continuing on with the wildness part of the tour, get back on 75 North for the last time…..it’s eagle time!!!!  Get off of Bay Shore Drive, bearing left off of the ramp.  If you follow this road for a few miles, you will see a horse corral on your right.  The eagles reside at the Dick Pritchett estate.  There is a little parking area, where you can park.  The nest of the famous eagle pair Ozzie and Harriet is 60 feet above the ground, in a Slash Pine tree.   Ozzie passed away this year, and another suitor has taken his place.  They had two eaglets this January. They reside in this nest between the months of October and May. This year two eagles were hatched in January!  Check out the eagle cam before visiting, to be sure the nest is active.

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Now that we know this is our “dream place” we go every year for a visit, and for more exploring Fort Myers Beach area!  I can’t wait until next year to discover some new finds!

Thank you Debbi for this great information on exploring Fort Myers Beach. Now, just one simple yes or no question for you, are you ready to go exploring Fort Myers Beach?

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