Farmer’s Markets in Fort Myers

Farmers Markets in Fort Myers

You are browsing along all the freshest fruits and vegetables the season has to offer. Just picked strawberries, tomatoes, green beans and watermelon are among the endless variety of produce you can choose from. Next you walk over to a booth with freshly baked goods and pick out a warm loaf of bread and a homemade blueberry pie. On the way out you pick up a dozen local eggs and a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Farmers markets are the best! Especially in Florida were the fruit and vegetables are always in season. Most of the farmers markets in Fort Myers are open year round. That makes getting the freshest of food easily accessible any time of the year.  

Farmers Market in Fort Myers

                        Farmers Market in Fort Myers

If you are a visitor or a local, knowing where the farmers markets in Fort Myers is a must! Here is a list of some of our favorite farmers markets in Fort Myers.

Historical Koreshan State Park is where this beautiful farmers market is located. Each Sunday you will find local vendors selling seafood, produce, handmade gifts and crafts as well as flowers and Florida’s very own key lime pie. This farmers market is surrounded by trees and historic buildings to stroll among. Make sure to grab some lunch and have a picnic. It’s opened every Sunday. For more information check out their face book page

The Fort Myers River District farmers market sets up every Thursday, year round, in Centennial Park. This farmers market has been setting up once a week since 1994 and is a favorite to tourists and locals. The vendors here sell a variety of fresh produce as well as specialty cheeses, olive oils, pickles, honey and other organic items that you cannot find anywhere else. Check out their Facebook page,

The Fort Myers Beach Farm and Art Market is one of my favorites, even though it isn’t opened year round. This Farm and Art Market is located in the parking lot right next to Nervous Nellies. You’ll find a large variety of produce, hand crafted gifts and bakery items. If you decide to go, make sure you stop at The Happy Pickle and  Dynasty Guacamole, you will not be disappointed. For more information, go to

Farmers Market in Fort Myers

                                          Farmers Market in Fort Myers

There are quite a few farmers markets in Fort Myers. You could probably go to a different one everyday of the week. Try out a some and then pick a few of your favorites to frequent. When you shop at these local farmers markets you are buying local and helping support your local community. Let us know your favorite farmers market in Fort Myers. We would love to know.


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