Fishing in the Fort Myers Area

Fishing in the Fort Myers Area

Anglers have been telling “fish tales” for years about the big one that got away…. Well, you won’t find any “fish tales” in Fort Myers, Sanibel and Captiva Island! The area has been named “The Tarpon” Capital of the World and is home to Matlacha bridge, “The Fishingest Bridge in the US”. This location is the premier spot for your dream day of fishing. Any angler will tell you that the fishing in the Fort Myers area is no joke! Weather you are saltwater, inshore, offshore, or freshwater fishing you are bound to catch plenty. There are several area charters that you can chose from, that will take you out for the day. If charter boats aren’t your thing pack a cooler and head down to the nearest beach. Causeway park is a great place to take the family for a day of fishing and some fun in the ocean. Try your luck at catching some grouper, tarpon, or redfish. You can’t go wrong fishing in this area. Before you pick up a rod and go here are some tips to to enhance your day fishing in the Fort Myers area!

Tips for Fishing in the Fort Myers Area

  1. Picture this. Packing up all your fishing gear, getting to the perfect fishing spot, start fishing and then realizing you don’t have a fishing license. Now that is one way to ruin a potential great day fishing. Make sure you have the proper license before you start your day fishing in the Fort Myers Area. Here is a link to make sure you have the correct license before you start your day fishing, Get your fishing license here
  2. Find the perfect place to fish. There are so many places to go fishing in the Fort Myers area. You can charter a boat, fish from a kayak, find a close by pier or just head to a beach. Top 10 spots to fish without a boat
  3. What kind of fish do you want to catch? Sanibel Island is known for Snook, Redfish, Sea trout, and Grouper. Fort Myers id known for Mackerel, Flounder, Mangrove Snapper, and Trippletail.

No Matter were you decide to go fishing in the Fort Myers area you are pretty much guaranteed to have a great day. Pack a lunch, a hat and lots of sun screen and have fun.

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