Five Things To Do In Fort Myers

Five Things To Do In Fort Myers

With so many things to do in Fort Myers it’ hard to pick only five.  I said to myself, “self…how do I choose just five things to do in Fort Myers?” Then it dawned on me. Think like the locals! If you remember watching Rachel Ray’s $40 a day, then you will remember that she always said if you are looking for something to do or a place to eat ask the locals. So I did. Here’s what they had to say.


Five Things To Do In Fort Myers

The number one thing, out of the five things to do in Fort Myers, that the locals suggested is to watch the sunset. The sunset on Fort Myers Beach is beautiful. One of the best places to see the sunset is on the pier. is a great site that you can check to see the exact time that the sun officially sets.  Keep in mind that the winter months get pretty crowded so you will want to give yourself some extra time to find a parking space.

Five Things To Do In Fort Myers

Sunset on Fort Myers Beach

Fort Myers is known for beautiful sunny days. A fun fact is that Fort Myers has the sunniest days out of the entire state of Florida. A whopping 266 days with sun according to the Matador Network. There are so many things to do on sunny days, but what do the locals do on rainy days? They go to the movies. The Fort Myers Beach Theater is the first theater in America that serves food during the movie.

Number three on the five things to do in Fort Myers is taking a trip to downtown Fort Myers. The downtown area is great. It has a real retro feel to it, There are some really great restaurants and shops there. I love going to the Art Walk Festival and the Music Walk Festival. The streets are shut down and there are lots of bands and vendors to check out. If you are in the area the first or third Friday of the month I definitely recommend going,

Let’s not forget to get wet! There are a ton of water activities to choose from. Parasailing, paddle boarding, jet skiing, boating, and kayaking are just a few things to do to enjoy the water. If none of those things appeal to you then just kick back and have a lazy beach day. Toes in the sand, wadding in the water, roaming the beach. Sounds wonderful to me.

The last of the five things to do in Fort Myers is to check out some of the historical sites. Take a walk back in time at the Edison & Ford Winter Estates. This is where Thomas Edison and Henry Ford spent their winter months. I wonder if they were the first of many snowbirds.

Have you tried one of the five things to do in Fort Myers? If you have, tell us about it, we would love to know.


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