Five Tips To Take Great Vacation Photos

Five Tips To Take Great Vacation Photos

Give your kids the camera

Five Tips To Take Great Vacation Photos

Are your vacation memories filled with photos of hot dog legs, (yes, that is really a thing) and bad lighting?  If they are, don’t feel bad, many people have the same problem. The problem they have is how to get a good shot. Taking a good shot means you have great visual memories that you can look back on. Looking at a good photo can bring you back to the exact moment you captured while on vacation.  These five tips to take great vacation photos will ensure that you will be able to remember your vacation exactly how it really was.

Five Tips To Take Great Vacation Photos

  1. At the beginning  Start your photo journey before you leave the house. Taking photos of your luggage, the house sitter waving goodbye with your dog, or at the airport is perfect way to start .
  2. Compose your shots This just might be the most important of the five tips to take great vacation photos. Composition means, putting together whats in your photo. There are nine rules of composition to follow. It seems like a lot, but I bet you already know some of them. Once you get these rules down you will see quite a difference in your vacation photos.
  3. Give your kids the camera  You’ll love going through their photos with them and to see things through their eyes. You also can purchase a disposable camera for them to use as well. Just think of all the fun photos you’ll get. You also may find you have an Annie Leibovitz in the family.
  4. Power up Make sure your batteries are fully charged before you go and bring an extra charging cord to. You don’t want to miss out on any picture perfect moments because of a dead battery.
  5. Capture candid moments Take some candid photos of your  friends and family. A candid photo where you capture a genuine smile is far more meaningful then a posed photo.

If you want more than five tips to take great vacation photos, check out this NY Times article. In the article you’ll find tips from travel photographer Natalie Amrossi. She is a brand ambassador for Canon and has shot travel photos from more than fifty countries.  If you have any tips on how to take a great vacation photo, we would love to know.

“a good snapshot keeps a moment from running away”

Eudora Welty


your vacation exactly how it really was. Five Tips To Take Great Vacation Photos




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