FMB Flyboard

Every time we visit The Favorite Sun, we always try to do something new. This time we decided to try flyboarding. I saw a Groupon that FMB Flyboard was offering and thought that sounded like fun.  We scheduled our FMB Flyboard ride for our daughter Anna and her friend Ashley.

FMB Flyboard

Brandon, our flyboard instructor

FMB Flyboard

Anna and Ashley relaxing in the boat after flyboarding.

We met Brandon, our flyboard instructor at the Getaway Marina on San Carlos Blvd. We took a short boat ride to where the girls would be flyboarding. Brandon gave the girls a quick run down on what to expect and how to use the flyboard. A quick rock, paper scissor game determined who was going first, Anna was the lucky one. Brandon helped her one with her flyboard. It looks like a pair of boots stuck to a skate board. The board has a large tube that attaches to the board and to a jet ski. Somehow water from the jet ski goes through the tube and shoots out the bottom of the flyboard making it fly in the air. Anna and Ashley loved FMB Flyboard. They both did very well. Brandon was a great instructor. Both girls did dolphin dives and were able to get up and fly around.

FMB Flyboard

Flyboarding adventure!

I would recommend FMB Flyboard to anyone who is looking to try something new. Anna and Ashley rated their  flyboard experience a 10. Here is a link to the FMB Flyboard website and check out the other water sports they offer.

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