Food Truck Wars Fort Myers

Food Truck Wars Fort Myers

Canteens, Chuck Wagons, Roach Coaches or my favorite, The Food Dude are a few names that people call a food truck. Years ago a food truck was a truck that pulled up to a factory, garage or construction site with a variety of food for the hungry man. The food they got from these trucks usually wasn’t the best, but the guys still flocked to them everyday to purchase a bite to eat. Now let’s fast forward…Today the food truck is a gourmet experience pleasing foodies through out the United States.

Food Truck Wars Fort Myers

Voo Doo Tots from The Butcher’s Son, Naples

You will find food trucks parked in front of  million dollar companies, fairs, and even featured on The Food Network. Specialty food trucks that serve cupcakes, Mexican, vegetarian, kabobs or gourmet burgers are flourishing across the country. Food truck festivals have become very popular over the last 10 years as well as food truck wars. A food truck war is the ultimate battle for the foodie. Picture several food trucks, all in one place, serving a mix of eclectic specialties to food like your grandmother made, but only if your grandmother was a really good cook. They are serving up their best food to you, hoping that you will give them your vote. Six Bends Harley Davidson is hosting this years Inaugural Food Truck Wars Fort Myers on April 16th, 11:00 – 6:00.

Food truck Wars Fort Myers

Dawgs and Wiches

This event will host 40 gourmet food trucks, from all over the state, competing for 6 awards. The awards include, the Corny Award, People’s Choice Award, Top Sales, Ticket Taker, Delectable Dessert, Casual Cuisine. Some of the good eats you will vote on are British, Caribbean, Latin America, and Gourmet Desserts. There will be live music by Electric Lipstick, a beer tent and a kid play area.  If you are feeling lucky you can compete in the Battle of the Bellys. Food costs around $3 to $18 and most entrees typically cost $6 to $8. A portion of the proceeds will benefit your local community. Save the date, April 16th for the Food truck Wars Fort Myers.  The Food Truck Wars Fort Myers will be a fun event for the whole family. Have fun and bring your appetite!


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