Food Winners from BaconFest Naples

Hennings Chicago Kitchen is about 50 minutes from Sanibel and Fort Myers, but well worth the drive!

Hennings Chicago Kitchen is about 50 minutes from Sanibel and Fort Myers, but well worth the drive!

Who are our winners you ask?

There were many fine food and beverage vendors at BaconFest Naples on November 14, 2015 at the Naples Airport.  There was Ice cream, Burgers, Fried Dough, Elaphant Ears, Cheese Fries, Vodka, Bloody Mary’s, Pork, Mac and Cheese and a ton more (30 Bacon Foods)…..Here are my winners:

Best BaconFest Food – Cayan Candied Bacon Cheese Fries from Henning’s Chicago Grill

Hennings is located at 6060 Collier Blvd, Naples…about 50 minutes from The Favorite Sun…and to boot they are located in an outlet mall so you can pare your visit with shopping!  Rumor has it that they took down 2nd place in the judging contest…but they were by far my winner for food!  You just cannot beat what they had to offer, furthermore, they sold out!

Cayan Candied Bacon Cheese Fries from BaconFest

Cayan Candied Bacon Cheese Fries

Additionally, all the money they collected in tickets was being donated to Jessica’s Hope, a chicago police officer’s daughter who is battling bone marrow cancer.  Good for you Scott Henning!!!  I will drive an hour to spend $10 at your restaurant!  Your a good guy, and you make great food!!!

Henning's Menu Board

Henning’s Menu Board

When I interviewed Scott in the above video, he mentioned other items that he puts his Cayan Candied Bacon on… Pizza……that sounds very, very good.

Check out the goods on this menu board.  Who doesn’t love bacon…wings….garlic…..or anything else these guys are cooking up.  I also like the fact that they were offering FREE SMELLS at BaconFest!




Mama's Mac and Cheese

Mama’s Mac and Cheese

Best Mac and Cheese to bring your Mama

This wonderful proprietor “Madam Mac” as she is known, offered me a dish of her mac and cheese while I was just standing there looking at her goods.  She wanted no payment in return.  I accepted the offer, tasted the bacon mac and cheese, then paid her double for the dish.  One good deed deserves another.  She was just such a kind hearted individual, and she excuded love with every spoonful of her mac and cheese.  “Madam Mac” can be found on Facebook at Radical Rations Catering Services featuring “Madam Mac”.  Her Bacon & Jalapeño Mac n’ Cheese  was absolutely amazing.  You had better head over Taylor Road in Naples and bring home some Mac and Cheese for your Mama!!!

Hey Madam Mac….can you ship this stuff to me in Massachusetts???  Can you ship that SMILE too?  You love what you do…we can tell.  You just exude Mac and Cheese.  We love your food, but we just love you!  Your good deed did not go unnoticed!


American Barrels Whiskey

American Barrels Whiskey

Best Bacon Infused Booze

For me the standout was American Barrels whiskey….If you pair this whiskey with either the Mac and Cheese or the Fries……YOUR GONNA BE IN HEAVEN!  As I was having my Whiskey…All I could think of was “Winner Winner!”  I really enjoyed it.  The bacon infusion that they applied to it was great.  It was garnished with Bacon as well.  I spoke with Kristian Avellanet, the COO, for a brief time.  This company is located in SWFL, but their whiskey is born and bred in Charleston SC.  They sure do know Whiskey there.   I have visited Charleston before and they get food…and beverage!  One thing I heard that I thought was great….was that American Barrels has multiple distribution areas throughout the USA.  I was glad to have met Kristian but more importantly it was great to taste this whiskey.

If you are a whiskey person…like me…then this is a must have…and at a minimum….a must try!


The only way I don’t return to BaconFest Naples next year….is if The Favorite Sun is booked.  If you are in town next year….show up…and watch this event double in size!

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