Fort Myers Beach Shrimp Festival

 Fort Myers Beach Shrimp Festival  

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no….it’s just shrimp.  For over 50 years the Lions Club has been putting on one of the biggest shindigs this side of Sanibel Island. That’s right, it’s the Fort Myers Beach Shrimp Festival!  The main attraction is the giant pots of boiling shrimp or pink gold as the festival-goers call it. All cooked by the members of the Lions Club. Now, this isn’t your ordinary shrimp. This shrimp is brought over to the Fort Myers Beach Shrimp Festival as soon as the boat docks. More than 1,000 pounds of shrimp are served each year. The cost of a half pound of shrimp served with the Lions Club secret recipe cocktail sauce and coleslaw is $13.00. The best part of the Fort Myers Beach Shrimp Festival is that all the proceeds go to the charities that the Lions support.

Fort Myers Beach Shrimp Festival

$13.00 Shrimp Dinner at the Fort Myers Beach Shrimp Festival

The Fort Myers Beach Shrimp Festival is taking place on March 9th and 10th. And it’s really all about the shrimp! Some of the events include The Shrimp Run 5k, presented by Cypress Lake High School Athletic Booster Club, The Shrimp Parade, and The Shrimp Eating Contest. Now if that isn’t enough shrimp activities for you there is also the crowning of the Shrimp Festival Queen. The Fort Myers Beach Shrimp Festival is a great family event that shouldn’t be missed. If you attend let us know what you thought. We hope you have a shrimptastic time!

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