Fort Myers Bucket List

Fort Myers Bucket List

There are so many things that I want to do when I go to Fort Myers. The list is actually endless. There are restaurants, water sports, boat rides and so much more to do. As most of you know, I am not a full time resident of Fort Myers. Matt an I bought The Favorite Sun, our beautiful town home, in July. We have been down a few times since, but we mostly work when we are down there. We really haven’t had time to explore and have fun. But things are about to change. Matt, our lovely daughter Anna and I are heading down for a family vacation to The Favorite Sun in a few weeks and I am soooooo excited. No work, well maybe a little, but mostly fun, for an entire week. Before heading down I’ve decided to make a bucket list of some of the things I want to do while I am in Fort Myers. I like to call it my Fort Myers Bucket List, I know, pretty clever name. Here it is, Fort Myers Bucket List.


Fort Myers Bucket List

Parasailing Adventure

For some reason I have always wanted to go parasailing. I’m not quite sure why floating 800 feet above the water, being pulled by a boat, is appealing to me, but for some reason it is. I did some research online and it looks like Holiday Water Sports of Fort Myers Beach, is the way to go. They have great reviews, and only use Coast Guard Licensed Captains. They offer a couple of different packages too. An 8 – 10 minute or a 10 – 12 minute adventure. The best part, all three of us can go together! This adventure is on the top of my Fort Myers Bucket List.

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Leoma Lovegrove Galleries & Gardens

Fort Myers Bucket List

Leoma Lovegrove Galleries & Gardens

There are lots of great art galleries in Fort Myers. If you are in Fort Myers the first Friday of the month, check out the Art Walk in the downtown area’s river district. Let’s get back to Leoma Lovegrove Galleries & Gardens. This gallery is in Matlacha, just a hop, skip and a jump from Fort Myers. The artist is Leoma Lovegrove and everything in her galleries and gardens is fun and popping with color. I am planning on purchasing a lot of her art work and hanging it all over The Favorite Sun. Matt does not know about this yet, but I am sure he will love the idea once he sees Leoma’s art.

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Walking Tour of Down of Fort Myers River District

Fort Myers Bucket List

Walking Tours of Fort Myers River District

I love Fort Myers River District. I love the shops, the restaurants, the architecture, I just love it! I would also love to learn more about the history of the area. This is why True Tours has made my Fort Myers Bucket List. True Tours offers walking tours of the historic River District as well as Matlacha. They have six tours that you can choose from. The River District History Tour, Haunted History Tour, Legends and Legacy Tour, Flavors of Matlacha Island Tours, Fort Myers a Modern Renaissance, and Old Fort Myers Cemetery Tour. It will be hard to choose just one to go on, but according to the reviews they are all really good. The reviews say that the tour guide mixes up the history with fun stories and interesting facts. Needless to say, this is going to be a fun couple of hours.



I’m just sharing three picks from my Fort Myers Bucket List. If you would like some more ideas from my Fort Myers Bucket List, check out my Pinterest board called,  Fort Myers Bucket List. If you have any places that are on your Fort Myers Bucket List, please share, we would love to know.

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