Fort Myers Music Walk

Fort Myers Music Walk

Do you love listening to music? Do you love to dance? Are you a people watcher? If you said yes to any of these questions then you do not want to miss the third Friday of the month in down town Fort Myers, or as some people call it, The Historic River District. The third Friday of every month the streets are closed and live music is playing at every corner. It’s called the Fort Myers Music Walk.

Fort Myers Music Walk

Good time are had by all at the Fort Myers Music Walk

My family and I had the pleasure of participating in this event the last time I was in Fort Myers and it did not disappoint. There is all kinds of different bands playing. When I was there I saw a rock band, a band that played cover tunes, and acoustic guitar player, a young boy rapping, a jazz band and a heavy metal band. All were really good.

Fort Myers Music Walk

There are all kinds of music playing at the
Fort Myers Music Walk

This free event is held from 6:00 – 10:00. There are also different vendors and all the shops are opened so you can browse while enjoying the local, live music. My suggestion would be to get to the Fort Myers Music Walk, a little early and have dinner. Or maybe you want to hit the happy hour at the Sky Bar. I really enjoy Ford’s Garage and Capone’s Coal Fired Pizza. Both restaurants have outside seating. Make sure you check out the Arts For Act Gallery and Boutique. The Gallery features different local artists. If you’ve ever been to the Fort Myers Music Walk? Let us know what you thought of it.


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