7 Pet Friendly Destinations In The Fort Myers Area

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7 Pet Friendly Destinations In The Fort Myers Area

You got to bring your dog on vacation, now what. You might not be able to leave your dog where you are staying while you are out exploring. Maybe you can, but you would feel badly leaving your fur baby in a strange place while you are out having fun. Well, here is great news for you and your pooch. Fort Myers Pet Friendly Destinations are all the rage. Here are 7 pet friendly destination in the Fort Myers area, because dogs need a vacation too.

Bonita Springs Dog Park is a great place to bring your dog. It’s a strip of beach located at Lover’s Keys State Park. Here your dog can let loose and run because no leashes are needed here. You and your dog will have a great day swimming and running around on the beach. Just make sure your dog gets along well with others because this is a popular place fort he furry crowd. There is no running water so bring something to drink for you and your pup.  Another thing to keep in mind is the tide chart. If the tide is high when arriving or departing you might have to walk through some water.

Here’s something different to do with Fido, a boat ride. Fishing Buddy Charters has fishing trips, sight seeing tours that are pet friendly. They have trips leaving from Bowditch Point Park, Punta Rassa Boat Ramp, the Sanibel Island Boat Ramp or the Yacht Club in Cape Coral. Check out their website for more information.

Gulf Side Beach aka Algiers Beach, is another place where your 4 legged friend is welcomed. This beach is dog friendly but wants you to keep them on a leash while there. There is a picnic area, restrooms and fishing on the pier. They do ask you to pick up after your dog before you leave, but you were going to do that anyways. If you do spend the day, get here early, parking is limited and you need to fee the parking meter.

Estero Bay Preserve State Park offers 4 trails to explore on. The trails are located on a large area of undeveloped conservation land. The longest trail is 4.4 miles so it is a perfect way for you and your dog to get moving. Some of the trails may be flooded during the summer months.

Bark on the Ark is another pet friendly boat. They will take out you and your dog for a 3 hour boat ride and beach experience. They go to Picnic Island, near Sanibel Island, where you and your dog can relax, run and swim off of the leash. You can pack a small cooler for the trip, but they provide treats for Rover.

If you enjoy wildlife then JN Darling Wildlife Refuge is the place for you. You and your dog can explore part of the largest undeveloped mangrove ecosystems. Dogs are always welcomed as long as they are on a leash less then 6 feet long. The best place to start the day here is at the Visitor and Education Center.

Before you start your adventures head over to McGregor Cafe. There are only a few restaurants in the area that are pet friendly, most of them ice cream places.  McGregor Cafe has really good food. They serve omlettes, pancakes and sausage and biscuits for breakfast. They serve lunch and dinner too. The patio outside is pet friendly so your dog can get a bite to eat as well.

Fort Myers Pet Friendly Destinations

We hope you enjoyed these Fort Myers pet friendly destinations.  Check out our Pinterest Board for more dog friendly destinations.

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