Fort Myers Rental Cars – Tips for the best deal

Getting the best deal on Priceline for Fort Myers Rental Cars at Fort Myers Airport is not difficult, it just requires patience.

Fort Myers Rental Cars. Tips For The Best Deal

Fort Myers Rental Cars. Tips For The Best Deal

I’ve use Priceline’s name your own price for renting cars at RSW every time I go to The Favorite Sun and spend some time on the beach.  Here’s how I get good deals…

When you go to Priceline, be sure that you select the name your own price option.  Keep in mind that if your price is accepted, your card will be charged at that time, and there are no refunds.

Submit a fairly low price, I recommend between $1 and $5 per day, on the type of car that you want.  Beware that I have gotten cars before for $5.  It all depends on demand.

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Keep a list of what day you bid, what type of car, and what the bid was.  If you are offered a counter offer, DO NOT ACCEPT IT…unless of course you are fine with the price.  Often times you can get the price lower than the counter offer if you have time and the patience.  Fort Myers Rental Cars and pricing for them isn’t too difficult, but it can be rocket science.

You can bid on the same car type two times in one day, after that you have to wait a day to bid again.

I usually increase my bid by $1 if I am far away from the counteroffer, to me that means $10 or more.  The next day I may increase my bid by $1 as well and again I track what the offer was and the counteroffer if they make one.  As I get closer to my flight date, I hold firm on my top price.

Fort Myers Rental Cars. Tips For The Best Deal

Increase your bid by $1

Example…For a recent trip I needed to a car and I was checking pricing on Priceline for Fort Myers Rental Cars, It was peak season, so pricing was over $30 for each car.  I started bidding at $1 for each car type, and eventually was bidding around $20 per day for Fort Myers Rental Cars.  Still no match.  When I was within 14 days of travel, I dropped my price down on the cars….and I bid $18, counteroffer was $24, next day I bid $18 and the counter was $24 again, so I waited a day and bid $18 again, and BOOM!  Offer Accepted!  I just got my Fort Myers Rental Car for $18 per day!

Pricing for Fort Myers Rental Cars

Now that’s how you use Priceline to check pricing for Fort Myers Rental Cars!  It’s patience.  Pure Patience.  Think about why I got the price after 3 days….I should add, it’s not that I bid on the car, with the same price for 3 days in a row, because I have done that before and that doesn’t work on Fort Myers Rental Cars.  I believe it’s a timing issue.  As my travel date got closer, they likely had less cars available and were willing to let the car go for less per day.

Fort Myers Rental Cars. Tips For The Best Deal

Go for a smaller car.

The key for Fort Myers Rental Cars and the companies that rent them, is to keep them on the road, moving, and not sitting on the lot!

Also.I always recommend getting a smaller car, if you can at all risk it.

Often times, they won’t have the car size available, and they MUST give you the next size up.  This happens to me often, about 40%-50% of the time.

In Summary: If you are looking for pricing for Fort Myers Rental Cars…use Name Your Own Price with Priceline, bid low, bid often, track what you bid, and be patient!  Happy Bidding, and enjoy your time in Fort Myers….we sure do!


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2 comments on “Fort Myers Rental Cars – Tips for the best deal

  • Good tip! Going to try it….especially when you can book on others with no credit card down! Save that, and try for lower on Priceline!

    • Matt Ward says:

      Thanks Debbi! It’s a fun process, that can take a while. I also happen to love the challenge on priceline!


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