Fun Boating Activities off the Florida Coast

With over 8,000 miles of stunning coastline and numerous additional bodies of water, it is no surprise that Florida boasts an amazing array of boating activities. Those who love the water flock to the Sunshine State for its abundance of opportunities to get out and experience the warm ocean flowing on both sides of the state. Here are three of the top boating activities to enjoy off the Florida coast.


Fishing is a favorite pastime in the state of Florida for both locals and visitors. In addition to the ocean waters, the state also boasts a host of lakes and rivers that are stocked with fish. This region is a paradise for anglers. Some of the fish that you may find on your fishing expedition include grouper, red snapper, snook, sailfish, tarpon and much more. Of course, you’ll have fun out on the water, but always have a healthy respect for the ocean. Before you head out on the boat, be sure to practice good safety precautions. 


Snorkeling is a great water activity that the entire family will enjoy. Depending on what location you choose, you are likely to encounter a variety of marine life, including endangered sea turtles, tropical fish, rays, colorful coral reefs and more. You can either choose to experience this wonder on your own or book one of the many guided tours provided at various locations around the state. An organized excursion will furnish all the necessary gear while also taking you to the best spots for your underwater adventure.


One of the best ways to take in the splendor of the ocean is from the air. According to Just Chute Me Parasailing, parasailing has quickly emerged as one of the most popular boating activities in the state. Your parasailing provider will give you the necessary training and equipment to ensure a safe and exhilarating experience as you soar over the water and take in the sweeping views. Going on your parasailing adventure first thing in the morning will give you the calmest waters, perfect for spotting wildlife. As the boat pulls you along, you will enjoy an incredible peace and tranquility, creating memories to last a lifetime.

Getting out in a boat is the quintessential way to soak up that brilliant Florida sun. With a range of boating activities to choose from, it should be easy to find something to please everyone in your travel party.

The next time you want to visit Florida, come and stay with us and enjoy the beaches!

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