Getting To Dunkin Donuts from The Favorite Sun

Look….it’s no secret that we folks in Massachusetts love our Dunkin Donuts…..

Yep…I’ve got the app.  I pay with the app.  It’s on auto charge too.  I tweet @dunkindonuts from time to time.  I like the coffee, the ice tea, and an occasional donut.

Someone in our household gets her muffin and coolatta’s at DD…she will go unnamed for now…but she knows who she is.

Getting To Dunkin Donuts Fort Myers from The Favorite Sun

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Above is a video I did for getting to Dunkin Donuts Fort Myers from our vacation rental, The Favorite Sun…to make your life simpler if you in fact love Dunkin as much as we do….I mounted my camera on the dash and showed you that within 8 minutes you can be there.  Now…honestly…in Massachusetts, there are so many that 8 minutes is an eternity.  You might as well be headed to Mars.  But outside of New England there isn’t as much concentration.  So when we bought the Favorite Sun….we checked out where the local Dunkin was.

Needless to say it passed the test.


Check out Dunkin’s Twitter feed here:

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