How to Plan the Perfect Summer Surf Trip

The ocean is calling to you and you know it. Now that summer is on its way, you can finally arrange that surfing trip you’ve been so excited for. No matter if you are a rookie, going on a family excursion, or you’ve been surfing for years, here are some solid tips at helping you prepare for the surfing adventure of a lifetime.

Find Your Locations

Yeah, yeah—you can go to whatever popular beach area to ride the waves, but is that really what you want? Or are you aching to find a more secluded location to surf or a local’s secret to finding the best waves in town?

When searching for the best locations to surf, Google Maps will be your best friend. Use the aerial viewer to seek out lesser known coastal areas and beaches. Then, don’t be afraid to ask around. Strike up conversations with locals at the bar or the beach and ask them where they recommend looking for secluded surfing opportunities. Finally, you will want to actually get out and drive around the shore. But keep in mind that the waves may vary throughout the day. Go during mid-tide water levels to get the best idea of surfing potential.

Pack Your Gear

Surf boards and gear can be bulky little kooks. It is always best that you get the right stuff for packing gear either in your truck bed or in a hard-shell carrier on the roof. Furthermore, a headache rack can protect you if the contents of your truck bed become loose.

If your board has removable fins, you will want to remove them so that they don’t get damaged during the long drive. If they are not removable, get yourself a fin protector. Keep in mind that the tail of your board is the most vulnerable area to damage during the trip, so protect it adequately, maybe even with bubble wrap. Better safe than sorry.

Get the Right Stuff

Depending on where you choose to go surfing, you may want to bring different gear. Research the area where you will be surfing well ahead of time so that you know important pieces of information like the weather, the temperature of the water, and the lay of the land before you purchase anything or start packing. First and foremost, plan out what you are going to wear. If the water is cold, make sure you have a quality wetsuit. And don’t forget your fins, leash, and wax. Just always be prepared!

No matter if you are a rookie or a seasoned pro, surfing is a great way to get that exhilarating thrill and quality exercise. However, you will be able to enjoy your trip even more if you follow this advice to planning a rad summer surfing adventure.

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