How to Stay Fit and Healthy While Traveling

He’s baaaack! Daniel Sherwin, author at The Dad Website has given The Favorite Sun another great blog to post. It’s important to stay fit and healthy especially while traveling. Daniel has provided us with some great tips to do just that!

How to Stay Fit and Healthy While Traveling

If you’ve been feeling stuck lately, a vacation could be just the change of scenery you need.
According to Yale, “globe-trotting isn’t just fun and interesting – there’s adequate research to
show that traveling can be highly beneficial for emotional, mental and physical health as well.”
Travel provides an opportunity to break free from the daily grind and focus on your self-care.
Wanderlust isn’t just good for the soul; scientific studies also show it can improve brain
cognition, heart health, and stress levels.
Although some people worry about how they’ll stick to a healthy diet or exercise routine while on
the road, it is possible to stay fit and avoid temptation. Whether you’re traveling for fun, holidays,
or business, here are some ways to stick to a health and fitness routine during your trip.

Plan Your Trip

The first step to staying fit while on vacation or holiday is to choose your destination carefully.
Try to pick a location that’s walkable and provides a variety of outdoor activities. You might go
swimming at a beachfront resort or skiing at a mountain lodge, for example.

Next, think about whether you’re traveling solo or with others. If you’re more likely to work out
with a buddy, consider inviting someone along for your trip; that way, you can keep each other
on track. In addition to pushing yourself harder, Shape Magazine reports you’re less likely to
injure yourself than if you’re working out alone.


Sometimes, you might be traveling to a location where you’ll need to get more creative with your
workouts. Whether you’re not an outdoorsy person or are staying at a hotel without a gym, you
still have options. For instance, you might invest in a streaming device that lets you workout with
fitness videos from any location. You can use a streaming stick to watch workout videos like
yoga, Pilates, and even videos from Beachbody, the company behind P90X.

Slow It Down

Although some people prefer trips with action-packed itineraries and dawn-to-dusk sightseeing,
it’s healthier to take things slow. According to NerdWallet, the “slow travel” trend is more
relaxing and makes your vacation feel like it lasted longer. Best of all, it offers you more free
time to spend as you choose, including extra workout time.

Hit the Ground — or the Ocean

Throughout your journey, try to find ways to incorporate physical activity into each day. For
instance, instead of the tour bus, opt for a sightseeing adventure on foot. You might take a walk
in the mountains, hike the Hawaiian rainforest, or bike to the beach. If you’re craving some time
on (or in) the water, consider snorkeling, scuba diving, or surfing lessons. Depending upon your
location, you might even rent a kayak or canoe.

Another idea is to perform a quick Google search or visit to see what local races and
fitness events are happening in the area while you’re there. Although most events charge a fee,
your money usually supports a good cause, such as a local nonprofit or charity. If you’re not a
runner, consider walking, jogging, or finding a shorter race, such as a 1K or one-mile fun run.

Whether you’re craving a fresh perspective or love sampling new cuisine, travel could be just
what your soul needs. Best of all, you can have a guilt-free, healthy vacation with the right
planning. Start by carefully choosing your destination. Consider investing in a device for online
streaming of your favorite workouts. Finally, get creative and find ways to incorporate physical
activity into each day, whether you’re spending time with loved ones or sightseeing. With the
right preparations, you can stay focused on your health and fitness, even if you’re on vacation.


A big thank you to Daniel for this informative blog. If you are interested in checking out more of Daniel’s blogs, go to his website

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