Lager Head Cycle Boats

Lager Head Cycle Boats

Have you ever thought of combining bike riding, boating, watching the sunset, and listening to your favorite songs while having a few cocktails with your friends? Probably not. Although, I might have just got you to think about how you could do all that at the same time. Here’s how…Lager Head Cycle Boats! Lager Head Cycle Boats combine all those things into one wicked fun, yes, I am from Boston, adventure.

The Lager Head Cycle Boats is a 25-foot catamaran style boat, run on foot power, but if you get tired there is a motor. You sit at bicycle style pedal stations around a bar in the middle of the boat. There are 10 seats at the “bike bar” and 6 additional seats for your friends that don’t want to pedal.


Here’s the Here’s what you can expect on the boat from the Lager Head Cycle Boat’s website:
Comfortable Seating: enjoy your cruise comfortably whether at a pedal station or on a bench
Adjustable Pedal Resistance: pedal as leisurely or vigorously as you want
Booze Cruise Drink Cooler: keep the drinks you bring ice cold & within reach in our center bar cooler
Drink Holders: keep your drinks secure
Bluetooth Speakers: play the music you want from a smartphone
Phone charging ports: charge your phones and keep the music playing say on their website that you can expect on the boat:
Sounds like fun to me.


Let’s hear what people say about this adventure from our friends at Yelp.

Yelper Lucy says:
SO much fun cycling on the water around FMB!

If you are looking for an awesome time in the Fort Myers Beach area this is a must-do! This is a PARTY!

My coworkers and I went out on a 2-hour ride and we had so much fun! The music is booming, the boat itself has coolers filled with ice running down the center of the boat so you can bring as much booze as you’d like! You get to pick your own route and have the choice of multiple restaurants/bars to stop at along the way. The crew are amazing and even extended our trip to one more bar since we were having such a blast! The seats that you peddle on are actual bicycle seats so could get a little uncomfortable for some, however, there is a nice big bench seat on the back if you need a break from the cycling! (There is also a motor powering the boat so you don’t have to peddle TOO hard!)
I would recommend this to anyone looking for a fun group experience, so glad they are here!

Yelper Mike says:
We had such a great experience with Lagerhead Cycleboats. Captain Brandon and First Mate Randy were excellent guides and DJ’s. I highly recommend giving this a try. Fun for all!

If Lucy and Mike like it then it’s worth a try! Check out their pictures and videos here. This is on my list of things to do next time I am at The Favorite Sun. If you have been on the Larger Head Cycle Boat, tell us about it. We would love to hear about your experience.

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