Naples Bacon Festival was a HIT!

On November 15th I had the pleasure of attending the 2015 Naples Bacon Festival at the Naples Airport from 11am-5pm.  They call it BaconFest!  There are 2 things you need to know about BaconFest.

I Love Bacon - BaconFest Naples

BaconFest Naples 2015


Here is my quick review of Naples Bacon Festival:

  • Location – the airport is quick and easy to get to, not far at all from the interstate.  It took me about 50 minutes from The Favorite Sun to get there and that was with traffic.  Access to the Naples Airport is ratheir painless.
  • Parking – General admission parking was free….VIP parking was paid for as part of the VIP Ticket.  I did notice that VIP tickets were available online, but I opted for the general admission.  There were plenty of people directing traffic, the walk was a little far…but hey…it was free….free exercise.  I couldn’t help but think that it was a good thing to park a little farther away knowing I was about to enter the MECCA OF BACON!
  • Entertainment – Naples Bacon Festival was full of entertainment throughout the day, and they had a schedule for the attendees to follow.  That was nice.  Entertainment while I was there, was adequate…but I wasn’t there for the bands…I was there for the BACON!
  • Inflatable Pig from BaconFest Naples

    Inflatable Pig from BaconFest Naples

    Booths and Vendors – There were quite a few food vendors there, as well as your traditional small businesses that catered to the community….I didn’t visit all the booths, but here are a few that I noticed as I walked around:

    • The Budweiser Beer Wagon
    • Gourmet burger booth
    • Henning’s Chicago Kitchen (more about them in a future blog)
    • Royal Scoop (Ice Cream)
    • Silpada Sterling Jewlery
    • Florida Barn Studio (more to follow)
    • Mary Kay…I skipped this booth
    • Bacon Arts…..(Quite the winner here, more to come!)
    • Bath Fitters (These franchises are everywhere….but I never expected them at BaconFest)
    • American Barrels…with Bacon Bourbon
  • Bacon Eating Contest – I was present for the kids contest…but it was really hard to follow along.  It wasn’t on the stage, it was in front of the stage….and the crowd gathered quickly, so it was tough to see.
Naples Bacon Festival Lovers Unite. You must LOVE Bacon to wear these outfits out of the house!

Bacon Lovers Unite. You must LOVE Bacon to wear these outfits out of the house!

Above is my quick, GoPro camera review, unedited, just after I left BaconFest.  I think you will get my overall feeling.

Regardless of where you live, work, play, or stay….a visit to the Naples Bacon Festival is worth the trip.  Much of the money goes to charity.  It’s put on by the Kiwanis Club of Pelican Bay Naples.  Well Done Kiwanis!!!

I would visit this again, and you should too!  Entry fee was $15…you buy Bacon Cash just after you enter, for $1 for 1 Ticket.  Each food item has it’s own price and you pay with tickets.

Stay tuned to the blog for further reviews of specific booths, food, and businesses…..believe me it’s worth the wait!!!!

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