Nervous Nellie’s Fort Myers

Nervous Nellie’s Fort Myers

You may or may not know this, but Fort Myers has some pretty great places to go for Happy Hour. Matt an I were looking for something to do on a rainy day and decided to head out for one of the many Happy Hour destinations on Fort Myers Beach. There are quite a few to choose from in the area. We decided to try Nervous Nellie’s Fort Myers. Nervous Nellie’s Fort Myers is a restaurant with a bar, with another bar on top. The bar on the top floor is called Ugly’s. Unfortunately, Ugly’s is only opened Thursday – Saturday in the summer months, it was a Monday, so we bellied up to the bar in the restaurant. Happy Hour at Nervous Nellie’s Fort Myers starts at 4:00.  Domestics are, $2.45, well drinks are, $4.95, and house wines are $4.95.

Matt started with a Jack Honey Leomade and I had a Mango Mai Tai. Matt liked his drink, I thought mine was ok. It wasn’t because it was a bad drink, it was because I thought I liked mango way more then I really do. Although, I did drink the whole thing like a champ. While we were having our first round, Matt an I noticed the bartender making a fruity drink in a giant glass, with colorful curly straws and lots of cherries floating on the top. This drink is called the Nervous Nellie. It’s one of Nervous Nellies Fort Myers “Photo Op” drinks.

Nervous Nellie's Fort Myers

Sharing the Nervous Nellie at Nevous Nellie’s Fort Myers

Nervous Nellie's Fort Myers

Giant adirondack chair at Nervous Nellie’s Fort Myers

It has six different kinds of rum. Spiced, banana, coconut, orange, pineapple and cherry flavored rum, mixed with pineapple and orange juice and a splash of cranberry. The glass is 60 ounces, so it’s a great drink to share with a friend or two. We both really enjoyed the Nervous Nellie.

While you are drinking a 60 ounce drink there should be some food involved. We had the homemade mozerella planks and the tavern bread. Both were really good. We found out later that Nervous Nellie’s Fort Myers make their own bread, marinara sauce and desserts, along with a bunch of other things on the menu. My Florida neighbor, Margret, said they have the best Reuben sandwiches. I saw one that someone orderd. It looked great and it was HUGE!

The view over the water was really nice. We are hoping to see some of the live entertainment Nervous Nellie’s Fort Myers has the next time we are in town. While you are there make sure you take a picture in the giant adirondack chair out front. Do it before you have your drinks though. It’s very hard to get out of.

Our visit to Nervous Nellie’s Fort Myers was a lot of fun. We had great service from the bartenders and met some nice people that were enjoying happy hour as well. Nervous Nellie’s Fort Myers……We’ll be back! Said in an Arnold Schwarzenegger  voice.

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