On The First Day Of Christmas The Favorite Sun Gave To Me….

1 Awesome Produce Stand – A Pair of Dice Produce

The last few times I have been to Fort Myers A Pair Of Dice Produce (facebook page) has caught my eye, but for some reason or another I have never stopped. Today I was driving down McGregor Blvd. and passed A Pair Of Dice Produce and saw a sign for fresh salsa. I looked at Matt and said, ” we should stop later and buy some salsa”.

pair of dice

Pair of Dice Produce, carrying the freshest produce the area has to offer.

After some errands and almost driving home, we arrived. The first thing I thought was, this place is great! The second thing I thought was, why have I never stopped here before? They have a large variety of fresh produce and fruit.  Now when I say fresh, I mean really, really fresh. If this wasn’t located on an intersection of a busy road, I would swear there was a garden out back. They will even ship the grapefruits and Florida oranges back to your home. A Pair of Dice Produce also carry’s salad dressings, honey, jams and a bunch of other yummy things. So let’s get back to the salsa. We got the hot salsa, the roasted salsa and the salsa verde. I can honestly say that this salsa is one of the best I ever had. The hot salsa had some heat but not over powering. Roberto suggested mixing up an avacado in the salsa. So I did, and was not disappointed. The roasted salsa was perfect, and so flavorful and the salsa verde, delicious! While there, we also found out that if you call about 30 minutes ahead, Roberto will make you some of his homemade guacamole. That is on the list for tomorrow, and if it’s anything like his salsa, it will be great. The best part about it is if you are staying at The Favorite Sun, it’s right around the corner.

Pair of Dice Produce

Pair of Dice Produce

Skip the grocery store when you need produce and go to Pair of Dice Produce, you will not be disappointed!

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