Restaurants Near Jetblue Park

Restaurants Near Jetblue Park

The Super Bowl is over…You know what that means! Spring Training!!!! For people in the Boston and Minnesota area this is a big deal. Not only does it means that their beloved Red Sox or Twins are getting ready to dominate the ball field, it also means that spring is right around the corner. True fans of the game will be jumping on planes flocking to Fort Myers to check out their home team, at Jetblue Park, during spring training. After the excitement of the game you are going to be hungry and looking for restaurants near Jetblue Park. Here are some restaurants near Jetblue Park that will cure your hunger and get you ready for another day of spring training.

restuarants near jetblue park

Fat Katz Sports Bistro

It makes sense to start, restaurants near Jetblue Park, with a restaurant called Fat Katz Sports Bistro. Their claim to fame are their craft beers and scratch made food. They have a variety of appetizers, burgers and flatbread Za’s, or flatbread pizzas. People say that the Bistro Burger is “must have” item on the menu, but for some reason the Crazy Larry has me intrigued. All the reviews say the food is excellent and the service is quick and friendly. They also have outdoor dinning available too. This sounds like a definite place to check out after the game. Fat Katz Sports Bistro is only 1.8 miles away from Jetblue Park.[Tweet “the Crazy Larry has me intrigued @FatKatzSportsBistro #burgerstodiefor”]

restaurants near jetblue park


If you are in the mood for authentic Mexican food, head over to Cantina 109.   They have great specials too. Nacho Monday,and 25% off all draft and bottle beers from Mexico, all you can eat Taco Tuesday and all you can eat enchiladas on Wednesdays . The guacamole is prepared table side and I hear the fish tacos are out of this world. Mix that up with a frozen margarita, or two and call it a day.  Only 11 minutes from Jetblue Park.

restaurants near jetblue park

Aurelio’s Pizza

How about some pizza? There are several options for pizza in the area but Aurelio’s Pizza really stands out. Walking into Aurelio’s is like traveling to the Windy City. The pizza is Chicago style, which means deep dish or stuffed crust. Whichever you pick, you will not be disappointed. They even have a buffet that is stocked with pizza, salads and some dessert items. If you really like the food here, got to the website and download the app. You will get reward points, be the first to know about specials and play the pizza man game. Aurelio’s Pizza is only 13 quick minutes from Jetblue Park.

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So there you have it, restaurants near Jetblue Park. If you try any, or have a favorite restaurant near Jetblue Park that you like, let me know. If you are headed to any spring training games, tell Big Papi  the folks at The Favorite Sun say hi. It’s his last season and we are sure going to miss him.

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