Roy Hobbs World Series Tournament is a real winner for Fort Myers

Roy Hobbs World Series TournamentRoy Hobbs World Series Tournament has been located in Fort Myers for quite some time.  This baseball tournament seems like a perfect fit for Fort Myers and Southwest Florida.  Here are 3 reasons why the Roy Hobbs World Series Tournament is a winner for Fort Myers:

  1. 2016 will be the 28th year of the Roy Hobbs World Series Tournament.  With this type of legacy and consistency, they have figured out their business.  Which in turn means business for Fort Myers.  Obviously, they pay fees to the local ball parks to rent the fields.  That is income to the businesses and that helps provide a tax base to Fort Myers.  Baseball is a popular sport, and with an organization that has been doing this so long, they create a following.  Year over year that following spends money traveling to Fort Myers to watch the baseball games, and to support their favorite players.  Ones like Phil who spoke to me regarding his experience playing in the Roy Hobbs World Series Tournament.  If you have read that blog, then you know he thoroughly enjoys playing in the tournament.
  2. 2015 had 241 teams.  DUH…just do the math.  15 players per team, over 4 weeks. That’s over 3600 players, roughly, and about 900+ players per week.  Those players enjoy coming to Fort Myers to play in a well know adult baseball league tournament, and to enjoy the sun and sand.  As the tournament has grown over the years, people often come back to Fort Myers, due to familiarity, even when they are no longer playing Baseball.  Additionally, many players return during other times during the year, to relax on the beaches of southwest florida!
  3. True Family Entertainment.  Baseball is the American Pastime.  Many Americans truly love to watch a baseball game…not to mention the respect we show to people that commit to playing the game as a team, for the love of the game and not the money in the contract!
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Roy Hobbs World Series Tournament – Getting involved

If you are looking to get involved with a team so that you too can play in the Roy Hobbs World Series Tournament, you should check out their website to find out more info.

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