The Sanibel Six Sea Shells

The Sanibel Six Sea Shells

The beaches of Sanibel Island have been voted the most beautiful in the entire country. This is why people travel from all over the world to enjoy them. One of the things that Sanibel Island is known for is the shelling. Shelling has grown so popular that you can find sea shelling excursions, sea shell clubs,  and the Bailey Matthews – National Sea Museum there. When you are shelling, there are many different techniques and tips  that people use to find the some of the most beautiful sea shells in the sea called The Sanibel Six Seashells. These are the most popular shells that you will find while perfecting your Sanibel Stoop (the hunched over position people are in while searching for shells).

The Sanibel Six Seashells

The Sanibel Six Seashells

Here is the list of The Sanibel Six Seashells

Conch shell

Tulip shell

Cone shell

Whelk shell

Olive Shell

Murex Shell

Check out our Pinterest board for ideas on what to do with your seashells once you have found. For even more information on shelling check out this blog post, Shelling on Sanibel Island .

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