Shell Love Bug

I have seen cars decorated with bumper stickers, stripes and  painted with flames. I have never seen a car entirely decorated with shells, until recently. I was at the Fort Myers airport and I saw it, right next to Starbucks, a Volkswagen Beetle that was covered with sea shells, called the Shell Love Bug. You probably don’t know this about me but I love Volkswagen Beetles. My parents always owned them back in the 70’s. I have very found memories of sitting in the opened space behind the back seat, often called the “way back”.

Pam Rambo is the artistic brain behind the Shell Love Bug.  Pam  created paper patterns to guide the designs for the car. It has individual seashell art pieces as well as Sailor’s valentines a worm shell rear view mirror and a Shell Love Bug front plate. It took over 20,000 shells, all native to Southwest Florida beaches, 1,200 gluing hours,  and 34 days to finish. Volunteers from the Sanibel Shell Crafters , donated shells and their time to help Pam put it all together. The combined weight of the glue and the shells is over 200 pounds!

The Shell Love Bug  made it’s debut with Ginger Zee, on Good Morning America, in 2016 during National Seashell Day.  You can see the Shell Love Bug in parades and other community events.  Check out the video below for an up close look of this one of a kind car.

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