Snowed In

I have been living in New England for 49 years. I should be use to the cold and snow by now. I’m not! The term hardy New Englander does not relate to me at all. I’m siting here at my kitchen looking out the window, snowed in. There was a huge storm here yesterday that dumped over a foot of snow in my little New England town. Now if it was just snow, that wouldn’t be too bad, but what I didn’t mention is the temperature. Today’s high 6, and tomorrow high is 1 during the day and -14 at night. I actually got a brain freeze today walking my dog.  I promise that I am not going to complain about being snowed in anymore, I know it could be much worse. I am thankful I have a nice warm house to be snowed in.

Snowed In

Let’s rewind. On December 25th I was on a plane to sunny Florida to spend a glorious week at, you probably can guess my destination, The Favorite Sun. Awwww, Florida in December. Can it get any better?  Here are some things that I love about visiting Florida in the winter months.

  • The beautiful beaches. Even though it’s winter the beaches are amazing. The weather is typically in the 70’s. Perfect weather to have a picnic on the beach or to find a sunny spot to read a book. Another great activity is shelling! Strolling along the shore that has a bountiful supply of seashells is one of my favorite things to do on  cool sunny day. You might even like to trade in making snow angels to making sand angels or make a snowman made out of sand.
  • Catch a sunset or two. Watching the sunset from the Fort Myers Pier is a must. Get there early to find a good parking space. Click this  link  for information about some of the best places to watch the sunset.
  • Check out the Historical Fort Myers River District. There are so many things to do in the downtown area. The third Friday of every month the streets close down for the Music Walk.  The Music Walk is a great way to listen to all different genres of music, all played by local bands and musicians. There are also plenty of restaurants to choose from. One of my favorites is Capone’s Coal Fired Pizza. It’s not just pizza. It’s an Italian food wonderland.

Snowed In

I have been counting the winters until I can fully enjoy the winter months in Florida. I will gladly accept my snowbird wings in  5 more winters.  Until then I will patiently and wait until I do not have to spend the winter months snowed in.


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