The Sanibel Stoop

Hundreds of people travel from all over the world to Sanibel Island to enjoy the beautiful beaches. The beaches on the island are know for their soft sand, clear water, beautiful views but most of all for shelling. According to Travel & Leisure Magazine, Sanibel Island is one of the top 10 places to shell in North America. One of the best beaches to find shells, and my personal favorites, is Bowman Beach. It is located on the north side of the island right before Captiva.

The Sanibel Stoop

The Sanibel Stoop is contagious.

While enjoying the beautiful beaches on Sanibel Island you will notice that most people on there have an affliction. This affliction’s symptoms are slightly bended knees, hunching over at the waist, eyes darting back and forth and arms dangling to the ground. This affliction is called the Sanibel Stoop.

The Sanibel Stoop is the position that you will find shell hunters young and old in. The only cure for this is to stop hunting for shells, and let’s face it, when you are on Sanibel Island, the Sanibel Stoop is something you will definitely catch. It will only last as long as you are shelling, but you will relapse as soon as you start shelling again. The position has become so popular that in 2012 over 700 people met on Bowman’s Beach to set the world record for the most people preforming the Sanibel Stoop.

The Sanibel Stoop

Over 700 people joined in to enter the Sanibel Stoop into the Guinness Book of World Records

Have you ever tried the Sanibel Stoop? What is your favorite beach to find shells on? We would love to know.




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