Beaches that will take your breath away.

Fort Myers Beach, Sanibel Island and Captiva Island offer beaches that you have been waiting for your entire life. There so many to chose from in the area. Dig your toes into the soft white sand and listen to the gentle waves roll on the shore. This is a beach lover’s paradise.

Shells galore!

Shell collecting is the most popular activity you will find in the area. People from all over the world come to these beaches just to collect shells. Shells are plentiful on Fort Myers beach and the outer island but the real shell bounty is on Sanibel and Captiva Island. You’ll see shell hunters perched over looking for treasures on Sanibel Island in a pose named the Sanibel Stoop. The geography of the both islands is the reason for the abundance of shells there. The shells from the Caribbean roll up on the shores and the gentle waves protect them so it is easy to find the most beautiful shells imaginable.

Water Adventures

If relaxing on the beach isn’t your thing there are plenty of water activities that you can do. Maybe you want to spend the day kayaking or try stand up paddle boarding. If you are seeking a thrill, try jet skiing or para sailing. You could even rent a boat and pull up to one of the many waterfront restaurants that the area has.

Beach Links

Enjoy your time at the beach, and remember…It’s always sunny in Florida