Using Hopper Phone App to Get the Best Deals to Fort Myers

I wanted to introduce you to the Hopper Phone App.  I have used this app on my android phone to monitor airfare and flights to Fort Myers International Airport (RSW Airport).

Hopper Logo

Hopper Logo

Best Feature about the Hopper Phone App

The best feature by far of this app is these sole purpose, which is advising you when to wait for a specific ticket and when to buy.

The faults of the app as I see them are:

  • The price provided is the lowest price available
    • regardless of the airline
    • regardless of the time
    • regardless of the stops

How to use the Hopper Phone App best

I recommend using the Hopper App as a tool to guide you in understanding when to purchase and what days are best to purchase.  My process is fairly simple.  I will outline it for you here:

  • I determine the rough time frame in which I want to travel
  • I determine the airports I want to leave from, in my case I have 4 airports within 90 mins of me, so I look at all these options
  • I know that I want to travel to Fort Myers…but I can also choose a few other airports that are within 2 hours if I want to check pricing.  Fort Lauderdale, Miami, West Palm Beach, and Tampa are all 2 hours or less from Fort Myers.  I have flown into other airports and driven to Fort Myers, but I prefer flying directly into Fort Myers (RSW) by far.  It’s only 25 minutes from The Favorite Sun.

Where to get the app?

itunes: Get the itunes app here
Android: Get the android app here

There is no charge for the app, as usual with most apps, it is free.

Here are some screen shots of the app.  I ran some tests for different dates so you can see what you may expect when you are looking for flights to RSW.


Hopper Phone App Choose Dates Screen

This is the choose dates screen. Green pricing is lower than yellow. Orange and Red are the highest known pricing at the current time of search.

Hopper Phone App Pricing Screen

Hopper Phone App Pricing Screen showing all different airlines.

Hopper Phone App Prediction Screen

Hopper Phone App Prediction Screen


Hopper Phone App Alert Screen

Hopper Phone App Alert Screen. This screen will update over time.



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