Video Tour of The Favorite Sun

Favorite Sun Vacation Home Fort Myers Florida

The Favorite Sun Living Room

Here is a video tour of our vacation rental home The Favorite Sun.  We hope you enjoy it.  As you can clearly tell, we aren’t professional videographers, in fact, we did this in just 1 take, with no editing.  To us…it did not need to be perfect….it needed to be clear about what our home is, what amenities exist, and what we offer.  It’s simple, straightforward, and bare bones.  But hopefully you can hear in the tone of my voice how much we care about our home!

Why I did we do the tour of The Favorite Sun?

We hear great things about our photos,(and for that we are thankful), however we wanted to actually show in real time what it’s like to walk through the house.  While the video is not a professionally edited production, it shows you the true state of our vacation home and what you can expect should you choose to stay with us.

What else can we do for you?

What kind of information would you like to see us add to our website?  Comment below and let us know.  We are looking for suggestions…and are open to your feedback.

If you would like to see more videos, you can visit our YouTube Channel.

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