Virtual Vacation

Have you ever taken a virtual vacation? I just did! It was to the beautiful Fort Myers area in sunny Florida. It was just a quick one. Long enough to hold me over until next week when I go for my annual summer trip to The Favorite Sun. While taking my virtual vacation I said to myself, “self, you need to share all these great things you just watched”. Which I thought was a great idea! Are you ready for your own virtual vacation? LET’S GO!

People travel from over the world to come to this little piece of paradise, Sanibel Island. The main activity on this island is shelling. It’s so popular that the bending over motion when collecting shells has been officially named The Sanibel Stoop. Let’s start your virtual vacation collecting  sea shells . At about the 3:10 you can see a perfect example of The Sanibel Stoop. If you really love shelling checkout this great website.

Next stop on the virtual vacation agenda is Captiva Island! Sit back and enjoy this aerial tour of Captiva Island.  A day in Captiva wouldn’t be complete without a fishing trip. Capt. Ben and Capt. Jon are fishing for snapper, grouper, red fish and an occasional, not so popular, catfish. The best part about virtual vacation fishing is that there is not a chance of getting sea sick. 

Let’s head over to Fort Myers Beach for some fun. Jump in the virtual car while we drive over the Sanibel Island Bridge.  

Just over the Matanzas Pass Bridge and we’ll be at beautiful Fort Myers beach.. 

Fort Myers Beach has a little something for everyone. You can’t go on virtual vacation without going on a jet ski dolphin tour or parasailing. For the more adventurous have some fun on a fly board

I hope you enjoyed your virtual vacation. What are some things you like to do when vacationing in the Fort Myers area? 

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