Whole Foods is coming to Fort Myers

Whole Foods Fort Myers is coming

Whole Foods Location relevant to The Favorite Sun

The new Whole Foods market that was announced this past week or so, is going to be a 45,000-50,000 square foot grocery shopping experience in Fort Myers. Whole Foods Fort Myers is going to be a great new shopping experience for many folks. The new location will be at the intersection of Daniels Parkway and Six Mile Cypress Parkway, putting it no more than 11 miles from The Favorite Sun.  If you are a Whole Foods fan, you know that 20 minutes to visit a whole foods is nothing.  When we go to whole foods from our home in Massachusetts, we drive over 1 hour to get there…..and we are always happy to do so.

Whole Foods Fort Myers the Big Advantage

One big advantage to this location is that it isn’t very far from Fort Myers International Airport (also known as RSW), or Jet Blue Park…so you can hit the store on your way into town, or after a spring training game for the Redsox.

  • Did you know that the first Whole Foods store was opened in 1980 in Austin Texas
  • 1 year after opening the store, a major flood hit Austin and wiped out 90% of the store’s inventory
  • Whole Foods opened it’s first store in the UK in 2004
  • The Austin store is 80,000 sq feet, however it includes the headquarters that is located above it
  • Fortune magazine named whole foods a best place to work 17 years in a row.  (which means if you need work, in Fort Myers you should apply for a job!)
  • But beware, they have an open policy, which means that any staff person can look up any other staff persons pay, including the CEO’s pay!
  • The CEO takes a $1 salary, no bonuses or stock options, and has done so since 2007.
  • executives at Whole Foods cannot earn more than 19 times the average salary
  • Each store buys food locally from farmers and grows in their area.  This is a good!  Everyone wins with Whole Foods!!!

Are you a whole foods fan?  What foods do you like best from Whole foods?

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