Your Valentine’s Day Guide For Fort Myers

Your Valentine’s Day Guide For Fort Myers

This blog is written to save your butt. You know who you are. The ones that wait until the last minute to make dinner reservations on Valentine’s day and end up with take out form Subway. Or maybe you are the guy who doesn’t plan anything and asks, “what do you want to do today”. You could be the worst kind….The one who just forgets that it is Valentine’s Day until your significant other hands you a card and you have nothing to give in return. You might be thinking, he or she said, “I don’t care about Valentine’s Day. We don’t have to do anything.” That’s a trap! They don’t mean it. Everyone wants to feel special on Valentine’s day. I am here to keep you out of the dog house. Valentine’s Day is on a Sunday this year. Block off the whole day. If you have kids, get rid of them. Send them overnight on the 13th, and keep them there until after dinner on the 14th. You could also celebrate on the 13th, but I am going to plan out the day for the 14th. Remember, the whole day is a surprise, so don’t give away any information. Here it is, your Valentine’s Day Fort Myers Guide to success!

Your Valentines Guide, Fort Myers

Surprise them with a homemade breakfast

Wake up your honey with a nice breakfast.

This is going to involve you getting up early, but it will all be worth it. As soon as you get up go to the grocery store and grab a bouquet of flowers. Do not buy carnations. I am going to repeat this, do not buy carnations! When you get home set the table and put the bouquet in a vase, not a big cup, and place it in the center of the table. If you have a table cloth, use that, it will make the table look even nicer. Now, make sure you let them sleep in for a little bit. I would suggest starting around 9:00. Let them wake up to the smell of bacon and fresh coffee brewing. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Maybe scramble a couple of eggs or make pancakes. Just make sure you have the coffee, bacon and some fresh fruit. They will love it and maybe wonder what you did that needs forgiving.


Your Valentine's day guide for fort myers

Painting With A Twist

Rock Valentine’s Day Fort Myers with a Paint Date

Next on your list of things to do is a paint date. your better half will love this. There are a few of these paint and sip studios in the Fort Myers Area. I liked what the scheduled painting is at Painting With A Twist. The 2:00 class will work well for your dinner plans. You need to call ahead of time because reservations will go fast, especially on Valentine’s day. Painting With A Twist is a paint studio, where you and significant other will paint a picture together, with step by step directions from the artist/instructor, while drinking your favorite wine or beer. It’s BYOB so come prepared. Right about now you are probably rolling your eyes. I promise you will  have fun. It’s really a great date and your honey will love it and love you even more for trying something new.

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Your Valentine's day guide for fort myers

A Romantic Sunset

Romantic Sunset on Valentine’s Day Fort Myers

The sun sets at 6:18 on February 14th, 2016. This will give you plenty of time to get to the pier on Fort Myers Beach. If you are lucky you’ll get a parking space in the lot right next to the pier. If you get there early take a stroll around and do some window shopping or sit on a bench and people watch. There is usually live music in the square to enjoy as well. Make your way down to the pier and walk all the way to the end for the best view. Take your time and enjoy it. At this point you are looking really good!

Valentine's day fort myers

End your day with dinner at Bayfront Bistro

Dinner on Valentine’s Day Fort Myers

There are so many good places to have dinner in Fort Myers. Wherever you pick, make sure you make reservations in advance. Do not make them the day before. I repeat, do not make them the day before. If you are looking for waterfront dining try Bayfront Bistro. This place is amazing. The restaurant serves mostly seafood but there is some non seafood selections as well. They were even awarded “Best Dining On The Beach” and “Best Romantic Dining” so you know you can’t go wrong taking your better half here. There are two options for dining here. Downstairs is an outdoor bar and restaurant and upstairs is more of a formal dining area. Both have great views of the bay and marina.

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Dude…where’s my card!

Last but not least a card.  A really nice card. You know the ones with a lot mushy words that will make your love well up with tears. Give it to them between dinner and dessert. Oh, and don’t forget to pick up the kids….or better yet…leave them one more night!

Enjoy your Valentines Day, you can thank me later 🙂

Thanks for reading our blog on Valentine’s Day Fort Myers, we hope you enjoyed it.

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