I am Maery,

Welcome to Fort Myers

Our islands, beaches and neighborhoods have a way of leaving a lasting impression. Spend time visiting coastal islands and reconnect over beautiful sunsets. Share in the taste of fresh Gulf seafood and savor every moment together. Collect colorful seashells from white-sand beaches and create treasured family memories. Plan a vacation to write your own #MyFortMyers story.

My story of traveling through the world

Traveling has always been my passion, a journey that has taken me to the far corners of the world. Each destination tells a unique story, from the tranquil beaches of Bali to the bustling streets of Fort Myers. My travels are not just about the places I visit but the experiences and memories I gather along the way. Embracing different cultures and meeting new people enriches my soul and broadens my perspective.

Traveling has taught me to embrace the unknown, appreciate diverse perspectives, and find beauty in every corner of the world. This blog is a testament to my love for travel and the endless stories that come with it.

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