After all, Fort Myers, Florida, is home not only to beautiful beaches and rich history but also to several tantalizing dining treats. And for those visitors traveling through Southwest Florida International Airport (RSW), there can be nothing more welcome than the convenience of grabbing—or savoring—a great meal. No matter what kind of meal you are looking for and whether it needs to be eaten on the go or enjoyed at a leisurely pace, there is no shortage of outstanding dining options near the airport. This guideline will list out the 20 best restaurants located near the RSW Airport so that you have an experience to remember.

Why You Will Easily Get Something to Eat Near RSW Airport
The benefits that come with dining near RSW Airport are several. For a start, in terms of time, it saves a lot because all the restaurants are just on the edge of the airport. Secondly, the range in types of cuisine involves anything from a quick snack to a gourmet treatment. Finally, in terms of giving someone an easy time to relax, it ensures they dine at a friendly pace without stress about missing their flights or getting lost in a new place.

Top 20 Restaurants Near RSW Airport

1. Connors Steak & Seafood

A short drive from RSW Airport, Connors Steak & Seafood provides a fine dining experience, offering prime steaks and fresh seafood with an extended wine list. The atmosphere is upscale yet inviting, great for business dinners or special evenings. Customers have always raved about the quality of service and the food, especially the perfectly cooked steak and well-seasoned seafood plates.

2. Fat Katz Sports Bistro

Locals and visitors alike will find The Fat Katz Sports Bistro one of the more popular spots around, especially if they like the idea of catching a game with a bit of hearty American fare. The menu includes burgers, wings, and a variety of beers on tap. The ambiance is relaxing and casual, and both the visitors and locals enjoy it in the same manner as the staff, which is friendly and professional. The excellent portion size and lively atmosphere are all highlighted in various reviews about this place, fit for unwinding after a flight.

3. Fancy’s Southern Cafe

If you’re in the mood for a sampling of Southern hospitality, visit Fancy’s Southern Cafe. The quaint café dishes out classic Southern items, which include fried chicken, shrimp, and grits, and even collard greens. The cozy atmosphere and friendly, attentive service complement the high food quality, making for a great dining experience. And regulars note that it’s not just the tasty vittles that bring them back repeatedly; it’s the homey vibe, too.

4. Origami Korean & Japanese Restaurant

Serving an excellent combination of Korean and Japanese cuisine, Origami Korean & Japanese Restaurant is a good hangout for someone with an excellent appetite for sushi or Korean BBQ. It is modernly designed to have a very sleek interior for dining in the taste of fresh, flavorful dishes. Customers love the quality of sushi and the choice of many Korean specials.

5. Miller’s Ale House

Miller’s Ale House is a lively eating joint famous for its elaborate menu and sports bar environment. This is the place to come for all your classic American delights, from ribs and burgers to seafood, while catching the big game on one of its multiple big-screen televisions. It’s become a favorite with locals and travelers due not only to its laid-back atmosphere but good service as well.

6. Bangkok Thai Restaurant

Bangkok Thai Restaurant offers a rather varied, flexible menu; their choice stretches from pad thai and green curry to tom yum soup. It is a lovely place with a relaxed and beautifully arranged ambiance to make people enjoy their meals. They find the service friendly and efficient, and noticing that the food remains true to its taste.

7. Bahama Breeze

Bahama Breeze is an island chain with a Caribbean theme, serving a menu of tropical drinks, seafood, and island plates in Fort Myers. Abundant, lush decor and music through the night on select nights mark this as a party energy place while having fun. People who eat here say creative mixology and a large variety of plates cater to many tastes.

8. Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen

At Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen, it all comes back to honest, made-from-scratch food at a price we can afford. Ranging from homemade chicken pot pie to hand-breaded and grilled baby back ribs, their comfort favorites will have everybody leaving happy. This is the place often filled with groups and families on the go with big appetites but small budgets. Many reviews boast of quality foods and nice significant portions.

9. Blu Sushi

Blu Sushi is designed for sushi lovers looking for an upscale setting. Creative sushi rolls and Japanese dishes can be found in a large variety here. The place is thus very appropriate to spend an evening—stylish, full of fun, and lively. Fresh ingredients and an innovative menu have captured the hearts of clientele coming in this way, not to mention the well-informed staff at every table.

10. The Prawnbroker Restaurant and Fish Market

Pawnbroker Restaurant and Fish Market has been a local favorite for many years. The menu offers excellent seafood and much variety, from oysters to clams and shrimp and lobster. The casual nautical decor adds to the charm, and the fish market allows guests to buy fresh seafood to take home. Standard review highlights included the freshness of the seafood and good service.

11. Cantina

Cantina 109 is a happening spot for an excellent bite, focusing on Mexican food. You can come here to taste tacos, enchiladas, margaritas, and churros. It is a colorful, lively place to dine with friends. The ambiance is quite chatty and, hence, pretty great for regulars when they want to catch up on lunch or dinner. Great flavor in every dish and a festive atmosphere are what visitors regularly compliment.

12. Keylime Bistro

This place is a casual, island-style restaurant serving the best seafood on the island. Keylime Bistro serves genuinely delicious food, including dishes from conch fritters and crab cakes to key lime pie. It’s loved for the spacious outdoor seating, ideal for sunning under the Florida sky. Diners love the relaxed atmosphere and friendly service.

13. Stevie Tomato’s Sports Page

Stevie Tomato’s Sports Page is one more joint for sports enthusiasts, with various foods to choose from on the pub menu and many screens around the place to catch that game. A group can easily dig into several pizzas, wings, and appetizers here. The vibe is spirited, and the service is friendly.

14. Courtney’s Continental Cuisine

At Courtney’s Continental Cuisine, expect an elegant dining experience with a combination of American and European selections on the menu. The setting is upscale, ideal for those special dining occasions. Service is always professional, and guests comment on the high quality of the food.

15. The Veranda

The Veranda is located in a beautifully restored 1902 home, setting the stage for a historic restaurant. Serving modern Southern fare on the menu and the garden setting does add a sense of romance, something that has made it many a customer’s favorite. A truly unique atmosphere with dishes to match.

16. Ford’s Garage

The theme of Ford’s Garage is an old automotive feel, serving gourmet burgers, comfort food, and a wide range of craft beers. Classic car memorabilia is tastefully introduced for decor. Many customers comment on the unique menu items and friendly service.

17. The Clam Bake

This family restaurant serves New England-style seafood with clam chowder, lobster rolls, fried clams, and more. The casual beach-themed decor and friendly service make for a nice meal. Reviews often mention real food and the generous portions.

18. Firestone’s Restaurant

Firestone’s Restaurant is an upscale place that specializes in steak and seafood. Because of the upscale ambiance and good service, it is a place for business dining and memorable nights. Customers usually talk about the quality of food and attention to detail, from presentation to service.

19. Bruno’s of Brooklyn

Located in Fort Myers, Bruno’s of Brooklyn brings the flavor of New York to you with their authentic Italian dishes, like pasta, meatballs, and cannoli. The atmosphere is warm and snugly, not to mention very family-accommodating. Customers often talk about excellent, welcoming service and the homemade pasta.

20. Cibo

Cibo would be the upscale version of Italian food in the country. Pasta, seafood, and steaks are all on their menu; it caters to patrons who would like to have a tasteful dinner and celebrate special occasions. Diners are usually keen on the quality of the food and ambiance.

Unique Dining Experiences Near RSW Airport
If you’re looking for that unique dining experience surrounding RSW Airport, you’ll find a whole host of themed restaurants and specialty cuisines that will satisfy your curiosity. Whether it’s getting away to the Caribbean at Bahama Breeze or maybe enjoying a retro, car themed meal at Ford’s Garage—there’s something here to please every fancy and appetite.

FAQs about Restaurants Near RSW Airport

What cuisines are located near RSW Airport?

Dining options in and around RSW Airport are also varied with a selection of American, Southern, Asian, Italian, and Mexican cuisine, among others.

Are there any family-friendly restaurants around RSW Airport?

Most restaurants in and around RSW Airport are reasonably family-friendly, with selections and menus that children love.

Do most restaurants near RSW Airport accept reservations?

You might not need a reservation for every restaurant, but it’s best to call ahead when your party is more than four, during peak dining hours, or if you have a large group.

Is there fast food near RSW Airport?

Yes, there are many kinds of fast-food options in and near RSW Airport. Most of them are suitable for those on the go.

Will I find vegetarian or vegan options in restaurants near RSW Airport?

Many of the restaurants around RSW Airport have vegetarian and vegan options. It is wise to check the menu from their online page or contact them for confirmation.

Do restaurants in the neighborhood offer parking spaces?

Most restaurants around RSW Airport are spacious, either near it or on-site, providing the patron with ample parking.


Dining near RSW Airport in Fort Myers provides various experiences to appeal to every taste and occasion. Whether looking for a quick bite before your flight or a leisurely meal to unwind, the 20 restaurants highlighted in this guide provide excellent choices. Fort Myers is a city entire of good food—explore what RSW Airport has to offer and make your next trip through here a delicious one

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