Restaurants Near RSW Airport

Restaurants Near RSW Airport

I’m flying into the RSW airport on Friday at 6:30 pm. I’m traveling with Anna, my friend Marie and her daughter Alicyn. We are planning on having lunch at Logan Airport in Boston but by the time we land in Fort Myers, we will all be ready for dinner. I was searching for a restaurant near RSW Airport and thought this would be a great idea for a blog. Most people are ready to eat after traveling all day and will want to know the restaurants near RSW Airport. Here are a couple of recommendations for restaurants near RSW Airport.

Restaurants Near RSW Airport, Breakfast

If you are looking for a great breakfast after a long flight try out Sunny’s. Sunny’s is just 8 minutes from the airport. It is located on the Tamiami Trail in a strip mall and is opened 7 days a week. Here is what one Yelper had to say about their breakfast, ” We came for a late breakfast and were taken care of promptly. The eggs were tasty and cooked fresh. Simple decor, simple food and easy on the pocket. Decent food at decent prices will bring me back again”. ┬áSounds good to me.

Restaurants Near RSW Airport, Lunch

Jason’s Deli is only 3.3 miles away from the RSW Airport. This place has something for everyone. Matt an I love this place. The last time we were there I had the Mediterranean Wrap and Matt had the Beefeater. They were both amazing. I know this because not only did I eat my sandwich but some of Matt’s too. While I was there I did notice that a lot of people ordered the baked potato. Picture a potato on steroids, then picture it with loads of cheese, bacon, green onions and sour cream. Need I say more? The best part about Jason’s Deli, wait for it…………FREE ICE CREAM. BOOM! Mind officially blown!

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Restaurants Near RSW Airport, Dinner

I’m sure you are looking for a quick bite to eat before you get to the place where you are staying. On a side note, if you are staying at The Favorite Sun, it is about 25 minutes from the airport. Burger 21 is 3.8 miles from the airport and has really good burgers. Here is what a reviewer from TripAdvisor says about Burger 21, ” Signature burgers are delicious. The Shroom and Tex Mex are rave-worthy. The kid’s menu is great- entree comes with grapes, applesauce or fries. Hubby ordered the Cheesy Burger GF. Fries and sweet potato fries can be GF – just be sure to tell them. The outdoor area is perfect for kids. All in all, a fun. fast, casual place to dine.” Close to the airport, good burgers and quick, this sounds like a good place to try out.

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If you happen to try any of these restaurants near RSW Airport let us know what you think. If you have a other favorite restaurants near the RSW Airport, let us know that too.


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